What do you mean "master of some"?

My name is Andrian Tam, an ambitious individual who'd like to try anything under the sun and stars. Since primary school, I joined different clubs and societies to get a well rounded exposure from different aspects. This is ironically reflected by my degree, Bachelor in Science in Cognitive Science which is a multidisciplinary course that studies the mind and how it works.

Although I am not a graduate that is specialized in any field, I have the ability to think from the perspective of the end users all the way to the back end programmer. This is proven during my internship in Samsung where my team was impressed with the idea of Sensory Branding to help boost our local sales. On the other hand, knowing the bigger picture helps to plan projects more efficiently.


The Resume

A little more information of my achievements, skills and experiences

Created with Photoshop, this resume does not present typical lines of information but boldness and creativity. You can easily find most of the information that you need about me here. Click on the link below to explore The Resume.


The Portfolio

Welcome to my production warehouse

Ranging from production to performing, I have been doing projects that were small to big, but it's still not big enough because going big starts with you. Click on the link below to have a glance of the future.


The Skills

A list of the fields I love and am passionate of

UI/UX Design

I focus on user interfaces that help increases user efficiency in terms of simplicity, ergonomics and aesthetic value.

Android Development

Created an app with Corona SDK but now focusing towards Android Java. My main focus is to create apps that help improve society in their daily lives.


Been capturing special moments in life since high school, starting from a simple compact to a Canon 60D.

Video Production

I have been creating videos out of interest and ended up joining competitions and producing for corporate companies.


Applied Cognitive approaches to retail store designs. I strategize based on the market needs.


I love to throw a party for friends or anyone. Currently running on Virtual DJ but hoping to move on to CDJ's.

Interested? Feel free to contact me through the mediums below: