Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tell Me Why

Why do we/ I have to be rejected.. Not my family la.. But friends..

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Scouts is hard... Really hard... Have 2 study... Practical... Theory n log book... haiz...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Wanted: Lim Tze Yang ( A.K.A The noobest noob ever)
Reason for being wanted: Being SOO pathetic and ruining the ‘good name’ of SMK USJ 4.
Age: 14
Gender: Not very sure
Description: Lim Tze Yang is the ugliest guy in SMK USJ 4 , pathetic looking and very very very clumsy in everything. Was never successful in anything. So all u need to do is to find a guy tht destroys everything.
Reward: U get to smack him all u want J


life is very precious all way value life unlike some people who have road rage. i have a friend she does not value life according to her blog that she hates her life iwas thinking ”aiyo why she don’t value her life’. we should value our life that god gave us.

my life

Now is the best time we get to fix our mistakes and do what is right… We have to accept our mistakes and we cant blame other people… It’s their own problem if they don’t want to fix their mistakes… From this, we get to be better people for the future… being great future leaders… Like ME.. Juz joking … but i hope this is me…

Me and the Computer Club

I am officially the documenter for the school’s computer lab… Well it’s hard to survive in this post… a lot of reports and documents so as archive work… But… i still learn a lot from this post… and all of us (the commitee members) teach each other what to do… being a commitee member also gives us advantages… well i cant say… but a lot of advantages… So try to be a commitee member in any society…