Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pre-confirmation camp

That day.. Yeah.. That day.. It was 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June.. Well i know its been a long time since I posted a blog.. Ok.. Cut the crap.. On those 3 days, I... not only me, bt many people, about 20-30 people. it was my sunday school camp. Fun?? Yeah.. new XPerience.. You could feel the power of God.. He is really GREAT.. God is good, all the time.. always remember..

It all started with.............. rain... It was in genting.. sum house or something.. with many dorms.. So looks like more than a house then.. We went in there when it was raining.. Had a big hall.. A few stories high.. The weather there was cold.. Quite good to experience God's power. Anyway, we started off with, um, i tink they devided us into 8 groups. group A,B,C,D,E,F,G.. I was in group F.. I tink.. well like usual, they devided us to do some cleaning up duties following their groups. Well, I guess i OVER did my duty.

We had sessions. um, we tought it would be boring.. but they made it fun.. See.. God's power, to let us learn about him. So we had Sherman with his stories.. We also had Alvin Teoh, he creator of the YellowDiGiMan.. Tony, Eddy, Andre and more.. They were cool..

Well I cant really tell everything.. So we also had praise and worship. Cool.. Recieving God and clapping and singing out loud. It was cool.. We also had this game called Guardian Angel(GA).. My GA was Shirley i tink.. My mortal was Elizabeth.. Quite cool.. helped her, gave her some stuff.. Bt I couldnt buy her anything more.. We were locked in that 'house'.. Cant go to the peak of Genting.. Maybe I could get her a teddy.. Well, i tink there's a next tme..

Moving on, we went back.. I gt so much to say but very little to type.. See u next time.. Dont forget to drop a message in the chat box..

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