Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another 1

Today is another day.. And im writing again, maybe typing, it doesnt matter.. Anyway, i was looking through Nicholas Teo's/ Zhang Dong Liang videos in YouTube.. well, its nice, especially those slow ones, I prefer those love songs than those pop ones, Anyway..

I dont really know why beatrice doesnt want to pick up my calls anymore.. I called her many times.. Maybe she is busy, or not.. I just hope she is alright.. Sorry If i disturb u yah, Just want to check on you..

Well now im in a process of learning chinese.. Haha, wierd? no.. Itz a language la.. Nothing wrong about it..

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Ok.. Its been very long since i posted a blog..
Well 1st thing, i dint even know what a blog really is for..
Maybe writing about your life or something..
But dont you think you want to keep your life a secret??
Anyway, im writing now..
It's the end of PMR.. Yeah.. Happy.. But actually.. No..
The result is next.. And i think i crapped up some subjects..
Sejarah was so tough..
BM came out something i didnt expect.. Haha.. Could see Zheng Yue's face after the exam.. PESTA FLORAL.. What do i know about that?? Flowers? Plants? I had no idea..
English SHOULD be OK.. Im scared about my essay part.. Ahhhh...
Next, Science.. Well a confusing one..
Geo was ok.. So as KH.. Maths was ok too..
Well i couldnt wait for Friday which was only Geo and after that, home.. Haha.. Played pc after PMR.. Haha..

So, what's next??
I had nothing left to do but to go school and listen to some programs after PMR.. Well it was boring, but what lighten up that day was seeing my girl, Beatrice Khoo.. She is a girl from the remove class.. Even then, i still helped her in her studies, i think.. Her smile is so sweet.. Anyway, she is the reason why i go to school everyday after PMR.. Like most students, they rather stay at home.. Even if i got a little busted, but it was not that bad, i guess.. I wish that the school holidays are still far.. But, it came so fast, i could'nt believe it.. Now i cant meet her, my mom doesnt let me go out to hang out with my friends.. so i taught it will be good enough to hear her voice.. well, she cant pick up the phone.. She is always busy, which i dont mind.. I always remember the times i had with her... We played UNO cards and i always helped her win first.. haha.. I always went to her class.. But im not the only one who goes there, my friend named Yee Shiang has his girl there too.. Haha.. Liow Yee Ling.. Well they had their time too.. I missed those days.. Well it cant happen anymore, because I will be in the morning session, but she will be in the afternoon session.. Haiz..