Friday, July 11, 2008


Today was a different day.. well, things were different.. woke up in the dark early morning to get ready for school.. I was excited because today i was going to have an audition.. well, things turned wrong.. no body tells me about how they feel, we misunderstand.. and that happened today.. ehich resulted to the breaking of the band.. thanks to Pn Lau, my band is back leaving 2 behind who just dont want to continue.. well i feel better that way because the people who cause the problem are out.. haha.. anyway went for audition, got through but need more practice.. Im on bass.. haha.. and im very sleepy now.. zzz.. but its only 6.40 pm.. haha.. anyway hope everything goes well.. 2nd of August is the big day.. free food is also provided.. haha..

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hello.. i dun really use this blog much i guess.. i duno wat to type.. haha.. blogs is like talking to urself...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

hey, wats up
at this time kinda bz wit editorial board work.. lol.. so far everythin is fine.. except 1 or 2 probs la.. lol.. well this is my life.. full of up n downs.. lol.. well everyones life has its up n downs.. lol.. my darling? hope shes always fine n healthy.. n happy always.. im sorry to make her sad or upset.. but u noei try to make u smile always.. hmm.. always love to walk u home.. at least can spend time wit her.. her hse is far.. bt it doesnt matter to me.. lol.. juz as long as shes safe, its all alright.. =) take care.. i love u.. and u know to whom these words are for? of course la dat girl who caught my heart, whos birthdat is 3 days before mine, dad n moms birthday same as her dad n moms.. lol.. d girl who i can hold in my arms, and d one who kisses me on d cheek.. with full of sweetness.. and love, is dear rachel ching.. =) i love u.. <3

well, 2morrow is gona b a though day.. auditions for youth hope i can get selected.. but most problaby not.. din practice much.. lol.. juz hope i can do it tomorrow.. and so as rachel, on d clean guitar.. playin her melody.. haha.. all d best for u.. =)

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Analysing matter

particles can be atoms, molecules and ions.

The atom is the smallest, indivisible particle of an element. Atoms of the same element are exactly alike and are different from the atoms of all other elements.

Molecules are the smallest particles of an element or compound that are made up of two or more atoms. Ions are particles that are charged due to loss or gain of electrons

Ions contain charges
Ions which are positively charged are called cations.
Ions which are negatively charged are called anions.

Matter can either exist as an element or a compound
chemical elements have the same number of atoms.
an element consist of only 1 type of atom
can be either atoms or molecules

A compound is any substance composed identical molecules consisting of atoms of two or more atoms
made up of either molecules or ions

Kinetic Theory of Matter
The characteristics of matter can be described using the kinetic theory of matter.
The kinetic theory of matter explains the state of matter in solid, liquid and gaseous states based on the following assumptions:
The gas consists of very small particles, each of which has a mass.
These molecules are in constant, random motion. The rapidly moving particles constantly collide with each other and with the walls of the container.
There are forces of attraction between particles of matter. These attraction forces will increase as the distance between the particles becomes closer.
The average kinetic energy of the gas particles depends only on the temperature of the system. The higher the temperature, the higher the kinetic energy of the particles.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Hey.. its been long since i blogged.. but im back.. so wats up? haha.. for you all, 14 february is a valentines day.. to most of you.. well, its not just valentines day for me.. its also a day when i got together with someone.. who? i know la.. a lovely girl named rachel.. i met her not long ago.. but somehow i got close to her, and fell for her.. such a sweet n kind person, plays guitar, wana learn drums but dun really hav d time to teach her yet.. haha.. there's so much more to say bout her.. haha.. well on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays i walk her home.. most of d time im with her i will walk her home safely, to make sure she's safe n all.. tuesdays i cant cos got tuition with her, fridays she goes cf, so i cant go.. haiz.. but eventhen, we do understand each other which makes us not misunderstand.. i hope it stays dat way forever.. we should understand one another.. well i will b back soon.. got to go.. bye..