Saturday, March 01, 2008


Hey.. its been long since i blogged.. but im back.. so wats up? haha.. for you all, 14 february is a valentines day.. to most of you.. well, its not just valentines day for me.. its also a day when i got together with someone.. who? i know la.. a lovely girl named rachel.. i met her not long ago.. but somehow i got close to her, and fell for her.. such a sweet n kind person, plays guitar, wana learn drums but dun really hav d time to teach her yet.. haha.. there's so much more to say bout her.. haha.. well on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays i walk her home.. most of d time im with her i will walk her home safely, to make sure she's safe n all.. tuesdays i cant cos got tuition with her, fridays she goes cf, so i cant go.. haiz.. but eventhen, we do understand each other which makes us not misunderstand.. i hope it stays dat way forever.. we should understand one another.. well i will b back soon.. got to go.. bye..

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