Saturday, April 05, 2008

hey, wats up
at this time kinda bz wit editorial board work.. lol.. so far everythin is fine.. except 1 or 2 probs la.. lol.. well this is my life.. full of up n downs.. lol.. well everyones life has its up n downs.. lol.. my darling? hope shes always fine n healthy.. n happy always.. im sorry to make her sad or upset.. but u noei try to make u smile always.. hmm.. always love to walk u home.. at least can spend time wit her.. her hse is far.. bt it doesnt matter to me.. lol.. juz as long as shes safe, its all alright.. =) take care.. i love u.. and u know to whom these words are for? of course la dat girl who caught my heart, whos birthdat is 3 days before mine, dad n moms birthday same as her dad n moms.. lol.. d girl who i can hold in my arms, and d one who kisses me on d cheek.. with full of sweetness.. and love, is dear rachel ching.. =) i love u.. <3

well, 2morrow is gona b a though day.. auditions for youth hope i can get selected.. but most problaby not.. din practice much.. lol.. juz hope i can do it tomorrow.. and so as rachel, on d clean guitar.. playin her melody.. haha.. all d best for u.. =)

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