Friday, July 11, 2008


Today was a different day.. well, things were different.. woke up in the dark early morning to get ready for school.. I was excited because today i was going to have an audition.. well, things turned wrong.. no body tells me about how they feel, we misunderstand.. and that happened today.. ehich resulted to the breaking of the band.. thanks to Pn Lau, my band is back leaving 2 behind who just dont want to continue.. well i feel better that way because the people who cause the problem are out.. haha.. anyway went for audition, got through but need more practice.. Im on bass.. haha.. and im very sleepy now.. zzz.. but its only 6.40 pm.. haha.. anyway hope everything goes well.. 2nd of August is the big day.. free food is also provided.. haha..

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