Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY lepak houses

today was great.. 10.00 am woke up and got ready.. i went for breakfast and treached zheng yue's house at 11.30.. we played monopoly and watched 'the happening'.. creepy.. lol.. then ate lunch there.. then about 2pm, me and zheng yue went to ming sung's house.. played ps2.. haha.. 5.30 we went to my house and played ming sung's ps2 there.. xD then my friends started to come and chun yeet and his bro, sing ee, dharshini, sanjay, rajvin, keenan, geoffrey, voon hoe, louis were all there.. then we ate, played ps2, used the com n played poker, 21 and tai tee.. lol.. it ended around 12.30pm..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY at melaka

Chinese New Year and i went off to melaka with my friends and bla bla bla.. kinda lazy to type about everything but its a plain CNY.. angpao, dinners, lunch, cards, drinks n etc.. haha.. nothing new.. =)

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Friday the 23rd that Rocked!

today is friday and school was normal. things were getting better as the bell rang.. we were gona splash villa which her birthday is on the 25th.. but we did it today.. xD then zheng yue went to my house for a game of chess and went back to school..

zheng yue had chinese class then i went for choir.. sang as bass and robyn said were the 'bassmaker' xD then we went down to see a few friends in the afternoon session and went home with geoffrey to eat lunch..

then at 4.00 i left to school to pick up my 'takwim sekolah' which was under my desk.. then i went to MPSJ by cycling and had to cross the busy road.. when i reached there, i was told that we cant use the field for frisbee.. haiz.. how can this be so crappy.. a public field which cant be used.. so anyway we had to play on the track where people will be running,.. =.='''

i left with chun yeet about 6.00 to McD to fetch a drink and cycled to USJ 11 field.. chun yeet helped me alot today cause he has a good experience of biking on a busy road.. at usj 11, i played basketball with a few guys and it turned out ok but fell down somehow.. when it was almost 7, we went back home but passed by En.Khalid's house..

when i reached home, i was getting ready to join chun yeet for a small jam at his church.. and it rocked! then at 10.00 pm i went home and played battlefield 1942 which lags badly (dont know why)..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a day at school

today was kinda crappy.. first was chem but it was fun.. then it came to PJ.. tought i could play frisbee.. instead we had to run... =.=" then bi we did nothing much which was good.. then went for add maths where we were kinda free cause teacher tought for awhile and then stopped.. so we did our homework.. YAY! then was sejarah.. me and zheng yue were out doing things.. played chess also for 5 minutes and got selected to play for MSSD for chess.. xD

it was then time to go back to school for house team practice.. run again.. =.=" nevermind.. so i left to hav a drink with geo,jer and keenan.. then went back to school to play frisbee and then waited to meet some friends.. when i left the school, it started raining and i got wet.. i was with melinna and she wasnt feeling good.. hope shes ok anyway.. now at home sitting at the com doing my blog.. xD

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Moo Voon Hoe
Me, Robyn and Voon Hoe
Zheng Yue and Kelly
Zheng Yue playing solitare in physics lab
we, keenan, mervin and wei jun
we and mervin
keenan propose to kelly

Today was crazy and this is what happened.. xD

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lifeline CNY party

It was on the day of confirmation and I thought that it will be a great idea to go to the Lifeline CNY party.. and yes. it was great.. i dont regret going for it.. it was full of life and we were jumping up and down while praising and worshiping God.. we had Lo Yee Sang and it tasted good.. it wasnt with raw fish but some dried cuttle fish.. it was good anyway. and then i bought a lifeline t-shirt for RM 20.. haha.. im so ready to go to post-confirmation.. =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Confirmation Day!

Today, it started off with a sleepy morning.. zzz.. woke up about 9 am and went for breakfast at SS19.. reached church around 10.30 and everything started.. we arranged ourselves and wore sticker name tags.. the bishop or arch bishop was there.. then had 1 last performance practice and finally a photo shoot.. then the mass started and we were confirmed by then.. mass ended around 1pm and we had to go and perform and it went well. =) then had a small lunch reception at kampung ku restaurant near SJMC.. stomach cramp since yesterday tho.. and now its still cramp.. got homework to do and then a CNY dinner at CKK community center.. Adrian, here i come.. =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Confirmation Camp Day 2

the day started at 8.30 am with an upset face but i left it all behind and began enjoying myself there.. it was great during praise and worship which was leaded by Patrick and Hazel.. they are great and spiritual musicians.. =) anyway talks were going on with martin jalleh and it rocks.. especially the prayer session.. i cried cos i missed my family in the USA.. i hope to be back there to at least see her 1 more time.. 

edited images

Keenan Ong
picture abit blurry or 'pixel'ly cos of the exposure was edited in the computer.. xD

Confirmation Camp day 1

started with a talk then prac then session then confession then bla bla bla.. wasnt really a good day.. was excited but now, its gone.. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nissan GTR

i saw a Nissan GTR outside Apollo's restaurant.. xD do you notice that his car has no number plate in front? haha.. this car rocks man.. V6 engine which can go 0-60mph in 3.5 sec.. 1 thing amazing about this car is that the engine is hand made and each car has a slight diff performance.. the rims are pinned(larger than normal rims) to prevent the wheels from comming off the rim while turning and its shape is kinda wierd to channel all the wind into the big spoiler which will give the car absolute stability.. cool computer system by the japanese and watch the video abt this car on 

Another day at school

Just a normal boring day

Rukun Negara and Lagu Sekolah for Sivik.. xD

i was sleeping during moral.. too sleepy.. xD

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another day at school

This is life at my school and class.. images start from the bottom.. started off with AGM for house team.. had pj next se we played football, frisbee=), bola jaring and basketball.. dont ask how but we did.. went back to class and it was english.. so we went to change and brought our add maths homework cos it wasnt finish and finished it which caused us to go back to class alittle late.. then we had add maths as usual and we went to see pn.fiona for some advice on koko.. went back to class for history and many were sleeping.. interact meeting was next and totally forgot about it.. xD 

She was playing wit d cam during interact meeting

Ryan just loves the camera

well, we gota line up before we can go home.. as you see, no line.. xD

my class just love each other =)

Kelly sleeping during history class

same as voon hoe

and robyn