Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another day at school

This is life at my school and class.. images start from the bottom.. started off with AGM for house team.. had pj next se we played football, frisbee=), bola jaring and basketball.. dont ask how but we did.. went back to class and it was english.. so we went to change and brought our add maths homework cos it wasnt finish and finished it which caused us to go back to class alittle late.. then we had add maths as usual and we went to see pn.fiona for some advice on koko.. went back to class for history and many were sleeping.. interact meeting was next and totally forgot about it.. xD 

She was playing wit d cam during interact meeting

Ryan just loves the camera

well, we gota line up before we can go home.. as you see, no line.. xD

my class just love each other =)

Kelly sleeping during history class

same as voon hoe

and robyn

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