Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY lepak houses

today was great.. 10.00 am woke up and got ready.. i went for breakfast and treached zheng yue's house at 11.30.. we played monopoly and watched 'the happening'.. creepy.. lol.. then ate lunch there.. then about 2pm, me and zheng yue went to ming sung's house.. played ps2.. haha.. 5.30 we went to my house and played ming sung's ps2 there.. xD then my friends started to come and chun yeet and his bro, sing ee, dharshini, sanjay, rajvin, keenan, geoffrey, voon hoe, louis were all there.. then we ate, played ps2, used the com n played poker, 21 and tai tee.. lol.. it ended around 12.30pm..

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