Thursday, January 22, 2009

a day at school

today was kinda crappy.. first was chem but it was fun.. then it came to PJ.. tought i could play frisbee.. instead we had to run... =.=" then bi we did nothing much which was good.. then went for add maths where we were kinda free cause teacher tought for awhile and then stopped.. so we did our homework.. YAY! then was sejarah.. me and zheng yue were out doing things.. played chess also for 5 minutes and got selected to play for MSSD for chess.. xD

it was then time to go back to school for house team practice.. run again.. =.=" nevermind.. so i left to hav a drink with geo,jer and keenan.. then went back to school to play frisbee and then waited to meet some friends.. when i left the school, it started raining and i got wet.. i was with melinna and she wasnt feeling good.. hope shes ok anyway.. now at home sitting at the com doing my blog.. xD

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