Friday, January 23, 2009

The Friday the 23rd that Rocked!

today is friday and school was normal. things were getting better as the bell rang.. we were gona splash villa which her birthday is on the 25th.. but we did it today.. xD then zheng yue went to my house for a game of chess and went back to school..

zheng yue had chinese class then i went for choir.. sang as bass and robyn said were the 'bassmaker' xD then we went down to see a few friends in the afternoon session and went home with geoffrey to eat lunch..

then at 4.00 i left to school to pick up my 'takwim sekolah' which was under my desk.. then i went to MPSJ by cycling and had to cross the busy road.. when i reached there, i was told that we cant use the field for frisbee.. haiz.. how can this be so crappy.. a public field which cant be used.. so anyway we had to play on the track where people will be running,.. =.='''

i left with chun yeet about 6.00 to McD to fetch a drink and cycled to USJ 11 field.. chun yeet helped me alot today cause he has a good experience of biking on a busy road.. at usj 11, i played basketball with a few guys and it turned out ok but fell down somehow.. when it was almost 7, we went back home but passed by En.Khalid's house..

when i reached home, i was getting ready to join chun yeet for a small jam at his church.. and it rocked! then at 10.00 pm i went home and played battlefield 1942 which lags badly (dont know why)..

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