Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Squash MSSS

monday and wednesday.. wnet there to help out.. was a quartermaster.. then marker.. and we played too.. lol.. i was able to learn squash.. haha..

well anyway something happened.. this girl had an asthma attack.. so we helped n all.. then her bro is like so dam annoying and just didnt let us do our job.. so somehow after all that, he and his friends were pushing yong qiang.. i went there and asked them to stop and he say its none of my business and i said hes my friend n all then he pushed me too.. behing me was a pail of ice full of drinks.. he pushed me and i moved towards the pail, turned around and he went straight into the pail.. LOL.. he was so embarassed he went away into the squash courts then came out like a f**ked up man like dam belagak n was looking at the score sheet and went away and didnt see him anymore.. haha.. but it was real fun.. but shit i missed physics tuition and i have to go again 2morrow which is before bio tuition.. this is my schedual tomrrow..

7.30-1.10 (school) > 3.30-5.00 (physics tuition) > 5.00-7.00 (bio tuition) > 7.30-dont know (scout meeting at McD) > dont know when until dont know when (do homework).. but well im excited for friday cos i will go for choir then set up for the scout camp on saturday n sunday and then hopefully play basketball with su ean, ksj n they all.. haha.. crap 2morrow pj is cancled.. =.="'

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday the 20th

today school was normal but the studies was less.. i brought 5 pairs of drumsticks to STOMP the class.. lol.. and my class just grabbed the sticks and started to hit the tables.. studies went on but after school, me, robyn, zheng yue, jeevan and voon hoe stayed back to try out or practice the ideas planned out.. and it worked.. we stompped at 3R until 2.30 and we learned bunch of new skills together.. then i went home to eat, bathe and then back to school for Frisbee, basketball and house team prac.. it was ok.. josh and brian were playing my frisbee and damn.. it broke again with brian there.. lol.. 2 gone.. so played basketball and all..

well after house team prac, jasmine lost her phone as she left it in her bag.. as i know, there were reports of 15 stolen handphones, about 6 calculators gone, RM 70+ stolen from Chai Ni's wallet, Chun Yeets bicycle brake stolen(he almost crashed,wtf whoever wanted the brakes.. if sumone dies, God knows wat will happen), and not only chun yeet's bike but Leon's and another 1.. so we cant do anything abt it.. so i went back to playing basketball.. stopped at around 7 and walked melinna home.. dont know why but it seems that im doing that every week? and now im home and my phone is going crazy again... it has it moods to u know.. xD

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chess MSSD

met old friends from SKSS.. lol..

welcome to SSAAS

Arrival of SMK USJ 4

peace yo!

All the other schools..

Wei Beng Sleeping after..

No comment.. xD

Tuesday is here.. but before that lemme talk about what happened the day before.. it started with going out to help my dad take some photos at sri kembangan. then we went to my dads office awhile to finish up some work.. i was sleeping though.. then geoffrey called me up asking if he wanted to fix the bike today.. i said ok.. so had a late lunch at station 1.. not so amazing but ok laa.. then 6.00 went wit geo to fix my bike and got some new shoes for my bike.. =) then i went to buy my guitar.. Finally! xD its a classical but soon gona change the strings to metal.. lol.. cheap classical guitar but ok lo.. then went to visit my mom's friend last minute and ended up picking up Wai Yip and Louis at 10.00pm for a sleep over b4 MSSD.. lol..

school's here and we had a prob because 1 of our chess set had a pawn missing but 3 bishops.. lol.. it was settled then.. we went off to Sekolah Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (SSAASSASASASASASSA....)we went to find the toilet and BLEK! dont wana talk about it.. goan post a vid abt it.. alot happened for 2 days there.. we also simply walked out school to eat.. food at their canteen also BLEK! well finally we kinda got like 25th place out of 100 i think.. not bad also.. lol..

on wednesday when we came back, i went to padang to release some stressssssss.. so first, i played frisbee.. wei beng and benson also joined.. half way the fella had to go back.. oklo.. played a little of basketball.. then theat fella had to go back.. so played hand ball instead.. our team winning 2-0 then half way they stop..wth.. so we wanted to go back but i told them wait for pj.. and yea.. they came and i played basketball till 7.00.. good game for su ean, su jean and whoever there.. lol..

back home, took a bath and was so dead tired.. ate lunch like a zombie and then studied bio with my old laptop by my side msn-ing.. slept at 12.00am

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Planing to get a new cam

Planning to get a new camera.. what do you think of the Pentax a40..


• 1/1.7" Type CCD
• 12.0 million effective pixels

Image sizes

• 4000 x 3000
• 3648 x 2736
• 3072 x 2304
• 2592 x 1944
• 2048 x 1536
• 1024 x 768
• 640 x 480

Movie clips • 640 x 480, 30 fps
• 320 x 240, 30 fps
File formats • JPEG (Exif v2.2)
• AVI (DivX MPEG-4)
Lens • 37-111mm (35mm equiv)
• 3x optical zoom
• F2.8 - 5.4
Image stabilization Yes (CCD - Shift)
Conversion lenses No
Digital zoom up to 4x
Focus TTL
AF area modes

• Face Priority AF&AE
• 5-point AF
• Spot AF
• Auto tracking AF

Focus distance

• Standard: 35 cm - ∞ (1.15 ft- ∞)
• Macro wide: 12 cm - 40 cm (0.39 - 1.31 ft)
• Super Macro: 6 cm - 15 cm (0.20 ft - 0.49 ft)

Metering • Multi-segment
• Centre-weighted
• Spot
ISO sensitivity • Auto (ISO 50 - 800)
• ISO 50
• ISO 100
• ISO 200
• ISO 400
• ISO 800
• ISO 1600
* The auto and fixed sensitivity can be selected up to 3200 at the Digital SR mode
* The range of auto sensitivity can be changed by the menu
Exposure compensation +/- 2EV in 1/3 stop increments
Shutter speed 4-1/2000 sec

• Auto
• Program
• Shutter priority
• Picture mode

Scene modes

• AUTO Picture (Automatically chosen from "Landscape", "Portrait", "Night Scene" and "Normal")
• Night Scene, Movie, Voice Recording, Landscape, Flower, Natural Skin Tone, Portrait, Half-length Portrait, Kids, Digital SR, Sport, Surf & Snow, Pet, Text, Food, Frame Composite

White balance • Auto
• Daylight
• Shade
• Tungsten light
• Fluorescent light
• Manual setting
Self timer 2 or 10sec
Flash • Flash On, Flash Off, Soft flash, Red-eye reduction
• Range (Auto ISO): 6 cm - 7.1 m (wide) / 35 cm - 3.5 m (tele)
Viewfinder No
LCD monitor • 2.5-inch TFT LCD
• 232,000 pixels
• Anti-reflection coating
• Wide viewing angle
Connectivity • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
• AV out (PAL / NTSC switchable)
• DC-in
Print compliance • Pictbridge
• Print Image Matching III
Storage • SD, SDHC compatible
• 21MB internal memory
Power • Li-Ion battery pack D-LI68
• Optional AC adaptor
Weight (no batt) 130g (4.6 oz)
Dimensions 91 x 56.5 x 23.5 mm (3.6 x 2.2 x 0.9 in)

Monday, February 02, 2009

The best video i've seen!

A must watch video! its drummers.. the first part is ok.. the middle is damn cool!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


this weekend was abit fun-abit boring kinda thing while visiting people's houses for CNY. but i really enjoyed it when i went to aunt. bee yee's house and had a wonderful conversation wit her daughter.. her name is hsu yin and she is from a private school called Sri Cempaka.. she told me lots about her school and the activities they do.. i guess they could do alot because of the money they have.. they have school expeditions which is the bronze, silver, gold and platinum.. they have activities like iron man, fear factor, riding ATV's and all.. she's also a member of the interact club.. thanks to her maybe my school will go to her school and maybe her school can also go to our school.. xD shes a swimmer and i tink a pro, she likes classic and british english, mysteries and she likes to read.. she's pretty especially when she wears her specs (wish i had a pic with her).. do i like her?

anyway.. alot more to say but no time.. i have school tomorrow and suppose to get ready.. xD