Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chess MSSD

met old friends from SKSS.. lol..

welcome to SSAAS

Arrival of SMK USJ 4

peace yo!

All the other schools..

Wei Beng Sleeping after..

No comment.. xD

Tuesday is here.. but before that lemme talk about what happened the day before.. it started with going out to help my dad take some photos at sri kembangan. then we went to my dads office awhile to finish up some work.. i was sleeping though.. then geoffrey called me up asking if he wanted to fix the bike today.. i said ok.. so had a late lunch at station 1.. not so amazing but ok laa.. then 6.00 went wit geo to fix my bike and got some new shoes for my bike.. =) then i went to buy my guitar.. Finally! xD its a classical but soon gona change the strings to metal.. lol.. cheap classical guitar but ok lo.. then went to visit my mom's friend last minute and ended up picking up Wai Yip and Louis at 10.00pm for a sleep over b4 MSSD.. lol..

school's here and we had a prob because 1 of our chess set had a pawn missing but 3 bishops.. lol.. it was settled then.. we went off to Sekolah Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (SSAASSASASASASASSA....)we went to find the toilet and BLEK! dont wana talk about it.. goan post a vid abt it.. alot happened for 2 days there.. we also simply walked out school to eat.. food at their canteen also BLEK! well finally we kinda got like 25th place out of 100 i think.. not bad also.. lol..

on wednesday when we came back, i went to padang to release some stressssssss.. so first, i played frisbee.. wei beng and benson also joined.. half way the fella had to go back.. oklo.. played a little of basketball.. then theat fella had to go back.. so played hand ball instead.. our team winning 2-0 then half way they stop..wth.. so we wanted to go back but i told them wait for pj.. and yea.. they came and i played basketball till 7.00.. good game for su ean, su jean and whoever there.. lol..

back home, took a bath and was so dead tired.. ate lunch like a zombie and then studied bio with my old laptop by my side msn-ing.. slept at 12.00am

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