Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday the 20th

today school was normal but the studies was less.. i brought 5 pairs of drumsticks to STOMP the class.. lol.. and my class just grabbed the sticks and started to hit the tables.. studies went on but after school, me, robyn, zheng yue, jeevan and voon hoe stayed back to try out or practice the ideas planned out.. and it worked.. we stompped at 3R until 2.30 and we learned bunch of new skills together.. then i went home to eat, bathe and then back to school for Frisbee, basketball and house team prac.. it was ok.. josh and brian were playing my frisbee and damn.. it broke again with brian there.. lol.. 2 gone.. so played basketball and all..

well after house team prac, jasmine lost her phone as she left it in her bag.. as i know, there were reports of 15 stolen handphones, about 6 calculators gone, RM 70+ stolen from Chai Ni's wallet, Chun Yeets bicycle brake stolen(he almost crashed,wtf whoever wanted the brakes.. if sumone dies, God knows wat will happen), and not only chun yeet's bike but Leon's and another 1.. so we cant do anything abt it.. so i went back to playing basketball.. stopped at around 7 and walked melinna home.. dont know why but it seems that im doing that every week? and now im home and my phone is going crazy again... it has it moods to u know.. xD

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