Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Squash MSSS

monday and wednesday.. wnet there to help out.. was a quartermaster.. then marker.. and we played too.. lol.. i was able to learn squash.. haha..

well anyway something happened.. this girl had an asthma attack.. so we helped n all.. then her bro is like so dam annoying and just didnt let us do our job.. so somehow after all that, he and his friends were pushing yong qiang.. i went there and asked them to stop and he say its none of my business and i said hes my friend n all then he pushed me too.. behing me was a pail of ice full of drinks.. he pushed me and i moved towards the pail, turned around and he went straight into the pail.. LOL.. he was so embarassed he went away into the squash courts then came out like a f**ked up man like dam belagak n was looking at the score sheet and went away and didnt see him anymore.. haha.. but it was real fun.. but shit i missed physics tuition and i have to go again 2morrow which is before bio tuition.. this is my schedual tomrrow..

7.30-1.10 (school) > 3.30-5.00 (physics tuition) > 5.00-7.00 (bio tuition) > 7.30-dont know (scout meeting at McD) > dont know when until dont know when (do homework).. but well im excited for friday cos i will go for choir then set up for the scout camp on saturday n sunday and then hopefully play basketball with su ean, ksj n they all.. haha.. crap 2morrow pj is cancled.. =.="'

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