Sunday, February 01, 2009


this weekend was abit fun-abit boring kinda thing while visiting people's houses for CNY. but i really enjoyed it when i went to aunt. bee yee's house and had a wonderful conversation wit her daughter.. her name is hsu yin and she is from a private school called Sri Cempaka.. she told me lots about her school and the activities they do.. i guess they could do alot because of the money they have.. they have school expeditions which is the bronze, silver, gold and platinum.. they have activities like iron man, fear factor, riding ATV's and all.. she's also a member of the interact club.. thanks to her maybe my school will go to her school and maybe her school can also go to our school.. xD shes a swimmer and i tink a pro, she likes classic and british english, mysteries and she likes to read.. she's pretty especially when she wears her specs (wish i had a pic with her).. do i like her?

anyway.. alot more to say but no time.. i have school tomorrow and suppose to get ready.. xD

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