Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to school..(minggu Sains dan Matematik)

Back to school and did crap like usual.. xD

and it was also minggu sains dan matematik..

So yeah, came to school and the schol looked a little different. The front gate and wall was repainted and the Foyer A is fitted with tiles. It wasnt clean yet but i do expect mud to stain on tiles easily. so anyways im having the easiest duties of my life. xD im doing flag duty and toilet duty for 1 month.. thats all.. xD so anyway went to moral and talked and took photos. no lessons today as we were getting back our results. Not all so cant really tell how much i got and all..
and i went to take photos on that event.

Geoffrey and Wei Zhong Checking out the robot..

Geoffrey hiding behind the pillar..


Zheng Yue asking for more marks.. xD

Now he's serious..

Rahman 1st time in songkok.. I think..

Li Faung, Izzatie and Kelly..

Keenan and his structure..

Robyn also..

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