Thursday, June 04, 2009

Your Environment

Hey guys, did you know that when you use your air-conditioner, it makes the climate worse? we may want cool air at the moment but did you know it will permanently heat up our planet? Air-conditioners release a gas called chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) into the air. These gases will then react with the ozone layer breaking it apart and allowing UV rays from the sun to enter. Now, lets do better for the world.

To learn more about the environment you are invited to come for the World Environment Day (Green Day) celebration at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong. You are free to come anytime between 8am to 3pm. There will be alot of activities carried out, such as..

  • Nature Walks throught the Keruing Trail
1st session is from 11am to 12pm
2nd session is from 2pm to 3pm
This is limited to only 20 people per session. This follows a first come-first serve basis.

  • Learn Recycling tips the fun way via 3R and enjoy water conservation board games.
  • Guided Nature Trail and Canopy Walks
sessions are at 9am, 10.30am and 12pm.
admission is free
35 participants maximum so write your name early at the Star Pavillion
  • Tree Climbing Demonstration
sessions at 10am, 11am and 12.30pm.
  • BonusLink is having sand art.
  • Phillips energy saving bulbs will be given away at the Star Pavillion
  • You can recycle your old phones and/or accessories and stand a chance to win a new Nokia phone on the spot.
  • Justlife will conduct 'make your own garbage enzyme' and 'Earth-Saving Diet' presentation
sessions are from 10am to 11 am
  • The Permanis Recycling Stop will give away bottles of revive to the first 200 people who bring items for recycling.
  • WWF Malaysia will collect signatures in support of its ongoing turtle campaign and the public can also buy WWF merchandise there or take photos with animal standees for a donation of RM5.
  • The celebration will also sizzle with colours and rhythms. The Drum Circle allows people to experience the musical wonders of everyday implements amid lush greenery
  • Kuntum will hold a colouring session at 11am in a lively atmosphere created by the ever-energetic BRATS with face painting and balloon sculpture.
  • BRATs from The Star will be selling hand crafts such as bookmarks made from recycable materials and special street performances.
  • Skateline will have in-line skating
  • The green fest will also give folk the chance to do some shopping. There will be a Car Boot Sale whereby FRIM has taken up six cars while the others have been made available to the public. Interested parties can contact 03-6279 7591/ 7577 (Hazlin/ Salmah) to register.

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