Friday, June 12, 2009

Jeremy's BBQ

hey, this will be my last few posts for awhile.. when school starts, no computer.. so anyway today we went to jeremy's house for some bbq as to celebrate Jeremy's and Chee King's birthday. So started off by returning home from tuition and suppose to browse through USJ 4 for sate sticks and ice. But soon chun yeet dropped by my hse and he asked me to go taipan. Well my parents dont really let me go across the main road but chun yeet, (very experienced cycler) showed me the safest way through, which is by going through USJ 11. It was a smooth ride and went to a herb shop to get sausages and sate sticks. then, we cycled to petronas to buy ice and cycled to my house to pick up jeremy's gift and went straight to his house.

Upon arrival, Me, CHun Yeet and Julian and Geoffrey somehow arrived at the same time. lol.. so then we started the bbq and it seemed that it will rain but no. haha. lucky enough. soon after ben arrived so we started the bbq and cheeking and Wilson came along. Keenan came abot 9.30? lol. so then after eating and going crazy abit, we cleaned up and went inside to watch Scary Movie 4. Quite a boring movie so me and Keenan went out for a talk, went to the back of the house to get some fruits and went back in front. i opened the door, geoffrey suppose to go in, but nope, left the door open and Jeremy's cat ran out. lol.

so we were kinda chasing it and it went back inside after awhile. so then was hanging out awhile not till my parents called me to go back at 11.30. so then i cycled back and here I am.. lol..

take care guys.. =)

julian's 'stomach trick'


le grill..

watchin scary movie 4

mi- hoon delivery..

whoop.. Juls broke that thing.. xD luckily it can be reassembled.

ghost eh?

Toast for the 2 birthday kids..

Geoffrey indulging on honey..

Chun Yeet preparing the chicken..

*more pics later.

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