Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Met an old friend and hanged out at sing ee's place

today, was excited, quite, lol. no idea why but maybe its because i can go out instead of staying home being lifeless on a computer.. haha.. so anyways 11am went to ens maju and OMG!!!!!!!!!
i met my old friend. =3 Deborah cheok. she still looks the same pretty girl (which i used to like) lol.. those were primary school days. but after standard 6 she moved to malacca.. sigh.. so anyways i saw her today and we had a chat along with Julian and Shiela. no doubt on why i was acting wierd but erm, no idea lah.. just hoping i can see her again this friday at our barbecue night..

well soon after i took my bike and headed for sing ee's house and i had no idea but took d longer way there and it was so tiring.. i was panting.. lol.. gota work up on my stamina.. lol.. so arrived there, went up and Dharsh, Cheryl, Soo Yin, Keenan and Wei Zhong were there. So they were eating and i was just taking a drink as i just finished breakfast and tired. lol.. soon after we went down and we were playing d piano and listening to sing ee playing it. then keenan and soo yin too.. haha.. i was playing with keenan's i touch and we soon went up to watch tv(still playing the iTouch. While i was playing, i kinda accidentally hit it on the floor. o.O sorry keenan.. hope ntg went wrong.. so we were watching tv like till 5pm.. lol.. so soon we left and cindy wanted cred so soo yin suppose to buy for her but then since i was cycling, soo yin asked if i could buy it for her and ya, i went off to the usj 4 phone shop and bought the credit for her..

after i went home and found out that my com got prob and all =.= so using laptop nw. and blogging. soon gona bathe and do homewrok for tomorrows tuition.. good luck to me. .xD

btw, saw this at sing ee's house. talk about sudoku man..

japanese sudoku, not bad.. check out the number 5 there..

It's labelled book 5, Kejam, Unmerciful.. lol..

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