Saturday, June 13, 2009

Travelling from home to Malacca and to KL.

Today was a last minute event as we were going to celebrate grandmother's birthday. Surprisingly, we have no idea when is her birthday except her year of birth. So we always celebrate it in the middle of the year. So today I woke up at, sigh, i did not look at the clock when i woke up, or i forgotten what time I woke up. lol. so anyway i got ut and took a shower, last minute packed some books and ate breakfast at Apollos. We walked across and soon after it started raining. Luckily it stopped by the time we finished eating, went back home and headed to Malacca. On the way in the car i was listening to music and fell asleep soon after. gosh, and I have no idea what time I arrived there but im guessing it was about 2.30pm.

So we arrived and straight went to a restaurant. and sigh, no idea what was the name but it was a Chinese restaurant. And the food served came one by one. Got fish la then sharks fin soup then some yam and prawns la and alot la. lol. After we had fruits and sang a birthday song and ate cake.


Tissue from the restaurant..

this was across the restaurant..

Grandma's cake..

my mobile survival kit.. lol..

Soon after we left and headed back home. We also stopped by a rest stop and a part of the car park was closed for some remote control car challenge. lol.

a remote control skyline.. I think it has a fuel based engine..

Then we went back home, dropped some stuff, went toilet and headed to KL to pick up some clothes for my dad. Then went to a mall called Capital Square. New but boring mall and small(still half way building) lol. So we ate dinner at a riverside Indian restaurant and had nasi lemak bungkus and roti canai. It was right beside the Klang River and it was quite cooling with the beautiful scenery of the Petronas Twin-Towers and the KL tower. Took some photos and ended up sightseeing in KL. Im happy that my bro bought me another battery pack for my camera and it lasted me 1 day. lol.

hazy day at KL..

a porshe cayenne.. Saw this car about 5 times today..

Dataran Merdeka.. The flag is thare, but not swaying..

an attempt to take a nice photo..

take 2..

Day.. +haze..


burned image..

*no caption*

Shutter trick..

twin towers..

KL tower..

A new mall that is still building..

On the way home, dropped by the barber at SS19. gosh my hair is short. xD
and shit..... school starting and i feel there's work to do. or not.. sigh..

take care =)

*pics later.. crap internet.. lol.. 1 also cant upload..

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