Sunday, June 07, 2009

World Environment Day Event

woke up at 6.15am.. ate pancakes for breakfast.. picked up Tristan, Marissa and Pei She from Carrefour bus stop at 7am.. Reached FRIM at 7.30.. Arrived with a traffic jam.. Got down at the football field and set up our booth.. we sold bookmarks, ori CD's, balloons, did face painting, had a quiz and no idea how much we earned.. lol.. anyways all that and got free ayamas for lunch.. went half way for jungle walk but had to turn back to take care of my bag.. not alot of people were there.. it could be much better with alot of people there to support our environment.. even the event was not strategic but those who support their home should be driven to do anything for it. FRIM indeed was a good place as it was around a cool environment and a forest area.. canopy walks and jungle walks were held and that was a good chance to see nature closer.. u cant get this in malls.. well anyways it was a tiring day after 1 week of prep.. can say not bad.. just unhappy with the support..

earth is our home, like our own homes.. polluting it is like leaving your car on in the house.. try to live in that condition.. thats whats going on now..

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