Monday, June 08, 2009

Your Environment (just for information)

So, lets think of it. What can we do about our slowly decaying world? There's no turning back and the only way is by preventing further environmental problems from happening or make it slower. so lets see the future. Imagine walking down the road to 7-eleven in gas masks and in an environment where the visibility is only 5 meters, dark days and dusty years. it will be hard to live like that. today, we can just walk out of our home in shorts. comparing these 2 events, its obvious that living in the future in pollution will be harder.

gas mask.. it begins actually here if you know.. because of haze, we use face masks.. soon, we have to use gas filter masks and soon, oxygen based gas tanks.. its just a matter of time that life will be hard. besides, life is already hard. we often complain that its hot. but what causes it? us.. we who take control of earth's resources. we use power, electricity, fuel and much more. this leads to green house effects, thinning of ozone layer which prevents the suns heat from leaving the earth..

our everyday life. We contribute to to the environmental pollution everyday. as simple as throwing rubbish to the ground already pollutes the environment. switching on a kettle, using the computer to write this blog, uses energy. power plants pollute as some burn fossil fuels to generate electricity. Using a car to drive around the city also emits harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. using air conditioners also pollute by releasing chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) to the air which causes the thinning of the ozone layer. Smoking also does most as it contains alot of chemicals which are bad for health, other peoples health and the environment.

for us, this is our daily life and we cant get away from the comfort we need such as transportation, communication and comfort. so plan B? we can recycle and replant to give a hand to the environment. handphones (silicon chips) are recycable to produce useful metals. they must be recycled properly and not simply disposed because these chips contains different types of elements that can affect the environment. for example if we throw a computer hard disc onto the ground, it will decompose or rust and the remaining elements will join with rainwater and flow into the environment, for example mercury. as it flows into the ground, it will make the soil infertile and kill plants around it.

we should also recycle used paper to prevent deforestation. recycled paper can be used as new paper which is 100% efficient and at the same time, save trees. so why dont we recycle our unused paper. have you ever tought how much trees are cut down? in malaysia, most schools use paper for books, exam papers, registration forms, advertisements, paper planes and so on. and its not only schools but offices, homes and newspapers. so imagine how many trees were cut down to fulfill the need of paper? in conclusion, we can use computers for learning instead. using electricity isint that bad than cutting down trees as power plants can use renewable energy. as trees are cut down from forests, the soil bocomes infertile, which prevents reforestation.

so, we can also replant trees and plants at our homes. people cut down trees for wood or for developement. without trees, there will be no oxygen. at the same time, the carbon dioxide content in the air increases. so, we can replant trees in our homes, offices, schools, malls and many more places to cover up all the forests that have been destroyed.

so as a community of the world, why dont we go the green way and live the green way. this is important for the survival of humans. lets recycle if we want to live in comfort.

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