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The 3rd 131st Petaling District Flaming Phoenix Scout Troop of SMK USJ 4 Expedition Camp

I wake up in the morning,
with a big smile on my face and it never feels out of place..

(day 1) Friday the 10th of July was camp day. I woke up about 6.30 in the morning and got to school to go to Bukit Cahaya for our scout camp. About 36 members including the form 5 seniors attended this camp. I brought all my clothing, guitar, drumsticks and a gas tank to camp. I also brought my knife. Everyone was there waiting but Jeremy and Geoffrey did not show up yet. So I called him and he was still having breakfast. lol. Soon Pn. Fiona, our cocuriculum teacher gave a small speech and we waited for the bus for about an hour, because it was coming from Pudu Raya. Geoffrey also arrived by then. So the bus came and we packed up, loaded the bus and headed for Taman Pertanian Malaysia.

From left back to front row: Chong Hong, Jeremy Mark, Keenan Ong, Bhokai, Wei Zhong, Robyn, Yu Yang, Geoffrey, Andrian Tam, Louis, Zheng Yue and Xhin Rong.

Cikgu Amin driving (pretending) the bus

It wasn't a long ride there. We arrived there soon as it was near Subang Jaya. We arrived about 11am, which was behind time. We waited for the entrance permit at the gate and as we were waiting, i was having a small chat with Benjamin Yap about teleportation. At first as we arrived, we unloaded the bus and have no idea why but we took their mobile phones. I wasn't aware about it at first. After, we started moving to the campsite and me and Bhokai were taking care of the other luggages at where the bus dropped us off. The others went to the camp site who got lost as they couldn't find their camp site. They went one big round and finally reached there. As for me and Bhokai, we just waited. Soon, they came down and we took all the luggages to the camp site. It was about a 2km walk.

Up and down and below: Upon arrival/briefing

Taking the luggage to the campsite

As we arrived at the camp site, I helped robyn, Wei Zhong and Keenan put up the tent. We then went out of the camp site to go to the shops to buy drinks, and ended up eating lunch there. We walked far and we took the tour bus which was free back. lol. As we got back, we were going to do our opening ceremony. We were suppose to do it but En. Ridzuan was not there so we had to wait for him. As we waited, we were learning first aid. It was already evening then we started to prepare for dinner. After dinner, we had patrol sessions to decide patrol names and their role-call.

abit of the campsite

The lake

The bus ride back

Up and down: First aid session

looking for connection.. lol..

Patrol sessions

Burn images using a red light. Letter R formed by Robyn.

The seniors group name was spider pig. Our role call was:

Spider Pig
Spider Pig
(something something Spider Pig)
I got 8 legs but I want 4
But my mommy give me more
look out its the Spider Pig.

so anyway I figured out chords for this song and it was E G Am Em. After that, we went to the car park for 'Kawad Tongkat', Stick Marching and some games. At that time, Vivien smsed me and i was so happy she did. But sadly she cant sms much but i will wait for her. =) After that, we headed back to camp and we were supposed to sleep. I took the 1st shift with Wei Zhong, Robyn and Keenan. But as i came back from the shower, we were in the tent and we somehow fell
(day 2) asleep and woke up at 5.30 am with Tiffany, Bridget, Sophie and Melinna shining their torchlights at us. So we had breakfast and we had our tent inspection. Wei Zhong said our tent didn't need inspection, they were not wearing uniform and Kok Jinq was wondering why they were so. Then he told us we were not excluded from tent inspection and we last minute unpacked our bags and tent and our tent was inspected. Robyn and Keenan did not wear their forage cap so Kok Jinq asked why they have no forage cap. This was the dialouge:

Kok: Where is your forage cap?
Robyn: Missing sir..
Keenan: Monkeys stole our cap.
(Kok moved on to inspect the tent and then, )
Kok: Why are there 2 forage caps lying on the floor in the tent? You guys said it was missing.
Wait, theres another one. You guys have 3 forage caps and say it is lost?
Me: Haha!

So then it was over and the others(Juniors) had a session on Road Rules. We then packed our bags for the expedition. Thx to Jincen, we had walkie-talkies. Me, Robyn, Wei Zhong and Geoffrey had walkie-talkies. We used radio names such for Robyn (Leng Zai), Wei Zhong (Lala Zai), Me (Pai Guat) and Geoffrey (Fei Zai). It was so cool. Jincen brought all the cool camping equipment. He had cooking utensils which is carried by 1 handle only. Means 1 handle for all. And he had this salt and pepper container for camping. Soon the juniors got ready and headed off to the car park to start our expedition.

Briefing before expedition

The expedition

Keenan and Robyn hopping as Sound of Music

Keenan, Yu Yang and Robyn

Louis, Charles, Bridget and Tiffany

The gate


The dam

Louis on one of the obstacles

An uphill climb

Me climbing something with ropes

Titi Bergoyang

A bee hive

Robyn, Yu Yang, Keenan, Louis

A typewriter in the middle of the forest

It was about 9am. We soon left to Empangan Air Kuning and Louis was with me as we seniored the Megan Fox Patrol. We rested there and took pictures. It was beautiful. Son, we entered a forest for jungle trekking. It had obstacles and it was so fun. They had natural obstacles too such as fallen trees, rivers and it was beautiful. We got out of the forest at Empangan Sungai Baru and it had a beautiful scene. We rested, ate and drank there. There was a toilet there too. After about 30 minutes, one by one the patrols left and my patrol was the last to leave.

At the dam

The dam

Megan Fox Patrol

The group leader for that time, Mukesh (because Xhin Rong developed rashes) was in a toilet problem, so we waited for him, then left. We first stopped by a stall to buy drinks and Tiffany bought Lolipops. We wallked down the road and reached Perkampungan Budaya. By that time, I had no radio contact with any patrol. After getting what the patrol needed, we were about to leave and we saw a worker cutting down a tree with a chain saw. We saw the tree fall and it was cool. So we moved on It was a long walk and we reached Taman Rempah Ratus dan Minuman.

Black and white. I call it beautiful.

Sean Hiu and Choo Quan and Mukesh behind

We met 2 patrols there and no sign of Wei Zhong who left first. Anyway, my patrol was resting except for Mukesh and Sean Hiu who were looking for the items they needed. Im proud for Sean as he is camping for the first time and he performed very well for a beginner. He wes better than alot of the other members there. While waiting for Sean and Mukesh, We were in a hut at the top of the hill and Bridget had this Vitamin C pill and shu broke it and put it in her bottle of water. I was sharpening my knife and Tiffany was tired. We moved on then to Menara Pandang Jauh. I am guessing it was about 12 metres high? or maybe 30. While waiting for the jniors to do their task, me and Louis ate the bread with planta with sugar with milo that we packed.

Menara Pandang Jauh

Refering to map

The last picture i took before my camera died in camp. Its the paddy field.

Soon we left and went to Taman Empat Musim. Before reaching, a few tourist who I guess were Indonesians wanted to take photo with us. I moved on. They were facinated with the scouts in our country. So I went to Taman Empat Musim and we had to buy tickets. But I didnt. After Geoffrey went in, I took his ticket and showed the workers and they let me in, for free. xD It was nice but the wierd part is, it was blowing cold air in there when it was said to be summer. Well anyway, it was a place for us to get cool air. After getting all the information needed, we went to the paintball park. We took pics and got information. We tought we were leading the other 2 patrols which places us at 2nd place. We were happy because we started last and cought up fast. Then, we went to the white parrot for a picture which was a requirement. Then we moved on to Taman Padi. We looked for paddy machines and found them. We had to find the names of the machines. We only found 2 names as the name labels on the other machines were missing. So annyway we went to the bicycle rental which was an additional requirement. We were happy as we were told by the shop keeper that there was no other scout before us. Then we moved on to Danau Perikanan and was looking for a boat. We kept looking and didnt seem to find a boat. We wasted time looking for a boat. Sean was able to draw a few fishes and we moved on then to Kampung Idaman. It was a long walk and we had to list down all the names of the houses there. Bridget and Tiffany got very tired were tired so we rested and Choo Quan was drawing one of the houses. We ate alittle also. Then we headed back and asked people about a boat. But somehow, one said that the boat was dismantled about 20 days ago and i was thinking, this expedition was planned about a month ago. lol. so we wasted alot of time. We then headed back to the campsite and we found out that we were an hour late which was about 6pm to 7pm. Wei Zhong, Keenan, Robyn and Zheng Yue were swimming in the pool as my patrol arrived. We then prepared dinner and after, prepared for our Cultural night. After dinner, me, Wei Zhong, Robyn and Zheng Yue went to check out the big hut beside the paddy field which could be used for Cultural Night. It was so dark on the way there and we also met Peter Davidson as he had a Ninjitsu camp.

As we arrived at the hut, we on the lights and it was working. So we agreed that we are going to use the hut for Cultural Night. We went back, everyone got ready in their full uniform and headed to the hut. We had performances and games. Our performance was so last minute until we came up with crap. After the cultural night, we prepared for night walk and we took positions (hide) along a dark road just to make sure the juniors are safe. I was at a bus stop and i sat with Geoffrey. I kept falling asleep somehow. lol. Soon, it ended and we got back to the campsite. I took a shower and planned to stay up as i slept already for the first night and did not take shift to stay awake. But by 3am, me and keenan slept in Sean's tent as we were sleepy and wanted to wake up later on. We could not sleep in our tent because it got attacked by monkeys and it was fury in there. They also took some maggi hot cups and tore the tent. So me and Keenan slept. I (day 3) woke up about 7am the next day. I looked to the side and was wondering why Keenan was not wearing a shirt. I went out and found out that 1 of my slipper and Keenan's slipper was missing. So I asked Wei Zhong if there was anyone who sabotage our slippers and he said no. So i walked barefoot to my tent and found the other 2 slippers there and keenan in the tent. So actually, it was Sean who was sleeping in the tent and keenan wore 2 right side slippers to his tent. lol.

So I brushed my teeth and helped to cook breakfast. We cooked french toast and i did the Milo. After breakfast, it was going to be tent inspection again. According to robyn, he said if there is anyone sleeping in the tent, we do not have to unpack our bags and tent. So Robyn told me to sleep. So i did at about 7.45am, and woke up at 12pm. lol. so then everyone was gone and they were swimming, which i didn't mind because i did not want to bring wet clothes home. Then, the Asst. Scout Masters cooked lunch for us. Sean also gave me some of his curry noodles. He's real good. And after lunch, Me, Wei Zhong, Robyn and Keenan packed our tent and and bags. We put down the tent. We then did our closing ceremony and took group pictures. We then took our things to the bus and bought some drinks, and headed back for school.

from left clockwise: Lee Shang Shi, Benjamin Yap, Kok Jinq, Cikgu Amin, Kuan Jie Sheng, Akmal, Edison Choi, Christopher, Chong Hong, Joshua Wong, Ashveenk, Jeremy, Bhokai, Hana Amanina, Justin Wong, cikgu, Sean Hiu, Wen Jie, Keenan, Robyn, Wei Zhong, Louis, Zheng Yue, Yu Yang, Megat, Bridget Hiu, Tiffany, Xhin Rong, Sophie, Melinna, Muizzuddin, Yee Siang, Mukkesh, Zachary, Jincen, Satish, Charles, Geoffrey, Choo Quan, Fadhli, Andrian Tam(me) and Brandon Goh.

take care =)

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