Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Awesome Interact IU of 2009

Interact Iu was awesome.. will post abt it later.. bz.. byeee


25th July 2009. A day to remember. Too many things happened today, not only many but important things.

I woke up today at 7.30am. I was going to have a scout meeting as I was going to step down from the Court of Honor (AJK). I was the secretary, now im free. So we had the ceremony at 8.30am. It was suppose to start at 8am but we had to arrange the ceremony first. Soon during the ceremony, we did the horse shoe formation and proceeded with the ceremony. I passed the Scout Report book to Yee Siang. The others had no file so i gave them Add Maths books. haha. Anyway this is the new COH, i think:

Troop Leader : Lee Chong Hong
Asst. Troop Leader : Goh Wen Jie
Secretary : Lee Yee Siang
Treasurer : Satish Rao
Chief Quartermaster : Tan Choo Quan
Asst. Quartermaster : Yong Xhin Rong

So we were suppose to go to Subang Parade at 9am. While standing at the ceremony, i looked at my watch and it was 9am. lol. We wanted to go to Subang Parade because Keenan and Robyn wants to give flowers during the performance. I on the other hand went to buy a necklace and a teddy for Vivien. Me, Keenan, Robyn and Chun Yeet were going to perform ad a band. After scouts we went back home. Jeremy followed me to my house, I had a shower and was with Jeremy on the computer, not knowing that Keenan was already on his way to pick me up, and i havent packed yet. xD so he horned and i rushed down, got into the car and left bye bye. soon, i said, 'crap, i forgot my camera!'. 1st we turned back to keenan's house so that he can take his camera and then back to my house to get my camera. Then we left and reached Subang Parade. So I split with Keenan and Robyn. They went to a florist and i went looking around for necklaces. and got a teddy too.. xD

after that, we went out planning to take the bus but took the taxi instead. We were lucky as we got out of the mall, there was a taxi already. So we were able to reach Sri KL early. The reason why we were going to Sri KL was because The Interact Club of SMK USJ 4 was having its International Understanding (IU) Day. I went there as a performer, commitee member and incharge of technical. So anyway we were getting ready and stuff. Soon Vivien and her friends came. She gave a call first with Sara's phone and asked me to find her at the car park because they do not know the way. So when I went there I only saw Adelynn and Sara. They told me Vivien did not come and I was like dont joke, I just talked to her on the phone. Vivien was also my date. =) Then she appeared from the back of a pillar and wow, she was beautiful in a black dress with a white coat? m not sure if you call it a coat. Well anyway I led them to the hall. I offered my arm so we crossed arms on the way to the hall. Was really happy at that moment. haha. When we reached there, they registered and I had to go up to prepare. They couldnt because doors open for visitors at 12pm. So I went up and Robyn helped me wax my hair, which gave no difference because my hair was long and thick. So nevermind about the hair.

I went up and down (because the hall is upstairs) too many times that im not sure when did i go down to find Vivien. I think its also before the doors open. I went down to find her and headed up to the hall. They took their seats and I at first sat in front of them as Vivien was between Sara and Adelynn. But i was here and there (not sitting much) because i had to do my duty. When everything started, Rahman and Ady were on stage to MC. Soon i asked if Vivien could sit beside Sara so I could sit with Vivien. Then ya, we sat together. I was as usual sitting then going here and there and sitting and going here and there. Sorry if I left you too much. But after awhile i was able to settle with her. So it started with a robot dance performance by Adam and Ady. Real cool. Then after was Urban Groove dance group. Im not really sure about the agenda. I was really tired and blur at that time. I think there were speeches too, which was before the performances, by Pn. Fiona and our Rotaract members. Lunch was then served at around 2.30pm. We had mee hun, wedges, donuts, sandwiches, orange juice, i think thats it. So after lunch, I went back up earlier to help Chun Yeet arrange the chairs and to keep some chairs and pick up some rubbish. lol. Soon everyone was allowed to go up and I think this was the time I went to the toilet. When I went out, Vivien and her friends were waiting outside. They said they saw me from the canteen so they followed. (Lunch was at the canteen) So we took some photos at the garden. It was a beautiful scenery. After we went back up and we settled down. We had special guests, which were the Cruisers. They came to give free KFC vouchers, Man. United posters, car stickers, free Revive drinks and a 'superhero' competition to win Lady Gaga's new album. Ng I-Fern won the competition. After that was the dance performance by some girls. Then it was my performance. I was'nt that nervous that time, but quite worried about what may happen because of the special plan we planned for our performance. But i wonder why when i type this part of the post i feel nervous. Maybe its because im sneaking online to type this post as my parents are not home. lol. They may be back soon.

My performance. yea. no, our performance.. ARK2 Me, Robyn, Keenan and Kelvin L. Chun Yeet. Keenan was the lead singer, Robyn was the drummer, I was the Bassist and Chun Yeet was the guitarist. So we requested Julian Yap and ALi Imran (THANK YOU!) to help with the lights. Ali was controling the spotlight and Julian helped us control the audio volume and hall lights. It started off by offing all the lights and the spot light was on Keenan. He did an opening speech. At that time, i tought everything was ok. I turned on the bass amp and realised there was no cable. xD So i quickly looked around for a cable and found one. I placed Vivien's chain on the amp because i had no pockets to keep it. So yea, went on with the performance by offing the spotlight and the stage lights turning on. We started the song with robyn (backup vocalist) having no mic. Keenan started already but luckily the mic was set up quick. We played and i played some wrong notes abit because i didnt look at the bass guitar frets. I was practicing my bass on my acoustic and the feeling is so different. Bass frets are much larger than acoustic guitar frets. So we played the song until the special part came. Keenan stopped the piano, took his flower and ran into the crowd with the spotlight on him. He gave his flower to Sing Ee. At the same time i was doing a bass solo with robyn with the song Stand by Me. Soon he came back, Keenan did his piano solo and I and Robyn went down. I went down with the necklace, looking for her in the crowd, with a red spotlight on me. at first I couldnt find her. But in the end, I did(luckily and thanks to Ali's spotlight). I told her to stand up, turn around and then I placed on the necklace for her. She was shock and she said thanks, I smiled back, left and robyn gave his flower to Yu Yang. We came back up and continued our song. Oh ya, chun yeet gave a hug to someone.xD When we finished, we went backstage, chilled and I went back to Vivien. She was happy and said thanks. I was happy too and at the same time I was recieving sms-es from Sara and Bridget saying the presentation was great. ... to be continued...

take care =)

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