Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy 52nd Birthday Dad


Today started off with a scout meeting as usual every saturday. Today, we made an achievement, the biggest gadget in SMK USJ 4. haha. Well i woke up late today thinking i was going to be late, but everyone was late. we ended about 12pm and had lunch at apollos with geo, wei zhong, bhokai and sophie. After we went to my hse so wei zhong can make his facebook and my band can review our song. so wei zhong did his profile and went back at 2pm. others went back about 4 to 5pm. haha. we were recording our song at my hse using my com, and worked out just fine. =) after that i got ready for dinner and we went to the Chorus hotel at KL for a dinner buffet. It was good and my dad had a special 'performance' with singers and a cake. =)

the menara and jambatan with slide

Our 'home studio' =)

dad and his cake

Wei Zhong and his new facebook.. xD

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