Monday, July 13, 2009

Prefect Installation or Retirement

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No mood to say anything at the moment but it started off by cycling to school. I arrived at the same time as Keenan and walked to the assembly foyer. As we reached there, me and Keenan sat at our class line as there was no one there and we were about to retire. Then we left to see Robyn. We soon helped Wei Zhong do the P.A. system. but we were missing an extention wire which we brought to camp. It was locked in the scout room and Geoffrey who holds the key did not come. So we had to look for one and we then called geoffrey. He was still sleeping. So his mom said he will bring the key to school. So we were able to open the store and Manveer took it. Then everything was smooth. Me, Keenan and Wei Zhong just waited at the Foyer A. It was also the Librarian's installation. So we had it together, then we also did the passing of post to the new 2009/2010 batch. Then it was our turn to walk up the assembly hall to get our certificates, which were empty. lol. We had other schools there and Matthew Moo was there from SMK SU. We had lunch and slideshows and headed to the seminar room. We watched performances and Daryl Rocked. I didn't stay long as i went to look for Vivien who was going to come school early. Then we hang out and i tought her history. Then by 1pm, i lepak and thats all I guess. And Sophie couldnt breathe as the haze was bad today. Now she's ok.

Me, Rahman and Mervin doing the flag

Natz doing ikrar

Our principal

The launching

I think thats me


SMK Seafield

SMK SS 17 if im not mistaken



Daryl and Wei Beng

Take care =)

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