Wednesday, July 01, 2009

random post

Hey, just taking this short time to blog.. well anyway i am having a geography test tomorrow. haha.. im taking geography as an extra subject for spm. well anyway, currently im in a tired mode. no idea why i come home and get very sleepy and do not have the chance to study. sigh. and now im also in the 'blur and lost' mode. Im torn between two lines, if thats the word. no idea what to do about it, but im planning to chill and see what may happen. i'm hoping it doesnt get too deep. so im trying to remain at shallow waters. sorry if you get hurt, i do not mean it, it's unexpecting and it didn't happen to me before, so i'll just let time tell. Anyway i got #14 in class. the paper said i got #9, but it was wrong as my moral was keyed in as 81% and not 21%. sigh. i was so excited not till i saw that mistake. T.T so i dropped down.

take care =)

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