Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of SPM Trials

Hey, today is the first day of the 2nd most important exam in high school. I just came back from tuition so im taking this chance to update my blog. So far things are fine but some things are stil clouding my mind(which im not suppose to worry much). But anyway, lets talk about exams. Teacher told us what was coming out for our sejarah 2 paper (and thx to cassandra). So I 'read' through all the notes required. But the thing is i had no time i read. not studied or memorised it. So when i got the questions i was like 'I know this question, I know the answer'. Well a few answers. I knew what it was but i did not have all the answers. So i guess i crapped it.

After recess, BM paper 1 (essay). I was quite excited to sit for this paper, i dont know why. So i did and the essay i did was on how to get more Malaysian citizens to take public transportation. The other essay was about the good 'things or values' of having an open house. Well as usual i crapped that one. Because it was the picture question and I have a limit of 200-250 words which is quite hard for me. So im guessing the essay came out quite kiddy and pointless, because 5 paragraph essays are like for primary school.

Anyway I really have to work hard for my SPM. My bro said he will get me a pentax DSLR camera (Pentax K2000) with a free speedlight. Cool but i need the straight A's..

Take Care.. =)

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