Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunway Outing and Keenan's Birthday

Its a monday and i woke up late.. We were suppose to go to the sunway club at 9.15 and i was still sleeping not till geoffrey called me at 9.10.. so i woke up and took a quick shower, dressed up n packes.. soon geoffrey came.. so then we left and we reached sunway club at about 9.25 am.. when re reached there me and geoffrey went to the reception and each payed RM 10 as guest. When i was there, i tought sunway club was small. But it was actually quite big. Se we went to the badminton court and Keenan and Wei Zhong were already there. So me and geoffrey put our bags down and played too. Soon, Robyn came.

As we were playing, Keenan's badminton friend, Jeremy came.. he was a pro. So we played doubles with him and all.. we alternate players after matches. It was about 12pm when we packed up and headed to the swimming pool. I was quite excited because i brought my old faulty camera and a zip-lock plastic, which means i took the camera under water and it worked! so we were playing and swimming in the water and we also tried the jaquizzi (dont know the spelling). Whoaa.. nice... Then all of us turned aroun in it (refer the picture, its hard to describe). Then we went back into the pool and played, did advertisements and nonsense.. At about 1.30pm, we went to the sauna. it was the first time i was using a sauna and when we were in it, we couldnt see anything. Water vapour and heat filled the room and we started sweating.. Robyn said it was good for detoxification. So at about 1.50 we went to the shower and i was amazed that it had water heater (i have never been to a club so, yea.. xD) After showering we locked our bags in the locker and went to Sunway Pyramid.

We first went to red box karaeoke. Wei Zhong told us there was a meal together for about RM10+. So we went tin, keenan signed up for membership, took the student price and there were no meals. Since we were already there we just continued and drinks were provided. We sang n did nonsense and beatboxed. at about 5pm, we went to Pyramid for lunch, yeah, lunch at 5pm. It was actually the meal for the whole day. So we went to pizza hut, took the set for 6 people and even there were only 5 of us, it still wasn't enough.. the bill ended up RM 70 and we paid RM 15 each. Then we headed back to Sunway Club as we had to go back home. We went back to the lockers and checked out.

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