Thursday, September 24, 2009

Testing the ISO of a camera

ISO 3200 f/8.0 at shutter 1/60 s

ISO 1600 f/2.8 at shutter 1/250 s

ISO 800 f/2.8 at shutter 1/125 s

ISO 400 f/2.8 at shutter 1/60 s

ISO 200 f/2.8 at shutter 1/30 s

ISO.. some image quality thing for cameras. But to make it simple,

low ISO --> Quality of image higher, sharper but lighting is lower, darker.

high ISO--> Quality of image lower, more distorted, but lighting is higher, better in dark places.

(as seen in the pics above)

as you see, from ISO 200-->1600, the aperture is low, f/2.8 (more light can enter) and at ISO 3600, aperture is higher, f/8.0 (lesser light can come in) which proves a higher iso captures more light which forces the aperture to drop. and from 200-->1600, the shutter speed increases. which also gives the same conclusion, faster shutter, less light, slower shutter, more light. these are the effects of ISO towards the aperture and shutter speed, but also the quality of the image.

Monday, September 21, 2009

District 9, wierd but awesome

Theres quite alot of values to learn from District 9.. this movie is more of a fiction documentary. about aliens coming to earth.. they didnt say how they came, but it was just there. then they did not respond. so humans decided to break into their ship and found them quite sick and all. the story, is for you to know yourself.

main character, Wikus Van De Merwe

im amazed with him. he was a person at effort to understand and help the aliens. But as he was in the middle of trying to find and confiscate illegal weapons, he found a fuel cell which was made and hidden by the aliens. while looking at it, it accidentaly sprayed onto him, which im guessing it had some genetic substance, which was turning him onto them. So anyway, this part, his effort.

Next, they wanted to use his DNA which gives the ability of him to use alien weapon, which humans cannot use.. The humans were greedy with the powerful weapons. But he didnt want them to use him for weaponary, and wanted to save himself, ran away. He did his best to contact his wife but suffered pressure as he was transforming slowly into the alien, rejected by humans as they said he was dangerous, and his wife not believing him at first, but thank goodness the wife found out the truth.

So he was living with the aliens at the moment to hide. The fuel cell was confisicated by the MNU? isit? anyway that fuel cell was important to run an underground hidden ship by the alien. So he made a deal with the alien that he will get them into the headquarters to get back the fuel cell, with a promise that he will be back into human. as they reached their hideout as they got back the fuel cell, if im not mistaken it may take 3 years for him to turn back into human. so he was furious, knocked him and tried to run the ship, maybe at a few feet not until it got hit by missile. So after all he did, he felt betrayed by the alien, but when the alien was gona be killed by the MNU, he came back, in a robotic suit, to save the alien, and to successfully get that alien and child back into the ship. What i see here is that eventhough he couldnt get what he wanted, he still stood strong and did not make the other party fail, after all they have gone through, he let them go even when he had to suffer transformation. Self-sacrifice, this is what i respect.

Soon he was totally transformed into the alien. His wife recieved something at the door, which she believes that it came from him, shows the love between man and woman, no matter what happends, they still love each other. Sad story by the way.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mid valley geometrical photo

I took this to show a balance in the geometry of Mid-Valley Megamall. I increased its contrass so the colour is more exposed.. click to enlarge (800x600). Photo taken by Pentax Optio A30 f/2.8 shutter 1/15 at iso 200

Friday, September 18, 2009

PENTAX camera reviews by Andrian Tam

i was just too bored so i made this post. I started to be a self thought photographer at the beginning of form 4, 15 years old. The first camera I had came from my brother, Timothy Tam. Our family has got this Pentax Optio 330RS as our first digital camera. It was a 3.2 megapixel camera with a 1.6 inch lcd screen. it has modes like auto, night, manual, video, 3D and colour effects. It has a 3x zoom lens, 7.6mm - 22.8mm. it uses a compact flash card and a lithium battery. I cant say much about the battery because i am not using an origilan pentax lithium cell. I have no idea what happened to it. From my experience, it was a good camera, even if it was quite heavy but it was quite new in the digital imaging industry.

I was a school photographer so most of the time i used the auto-mode because it was not easy to use the manual mode when you want to get shots quickly. but at other times while taking landscape photos i will use the manual mode. it has an apeture of 2.6f to 5.0f when zoomed out and an apeture of, well i cant say abt it when its zoomed in because the camera is now faulty due to old age. it has a lens motor porblem. So anyway it has a shutter speed of 1/2000 to 4 seconds. so it is possible to take pics like this (note that pictues poster are taken by me and scaled to 800x600))

at original size, image was quite sharp, details was 2048x1536, iso 250.

its quite sharp too for a 3.2 megapixel camera, 2048x1536. It also has a mode for shooting intervals. lets say you leave your camera on a tripod and set it to 30 seconds, it will take photo at every 30 seconds. At its video mode, it can only take videos, 320x240 for only 30 seconds with no sound. Its 3D mode is when you take the pic of the object 2 times and it wall lay side by side into a picture. as you print it out, Pentax gives you the 3D viewer so when you look at it, a 3D image wil appear. it also has colour filter modes and sepia modes and bnw. what i like about this camera compared to the current one I use is that it has an optical viewfinder. So it is good in bright sunny places. And the viewfinder was able to zoom too. This camra has alot of functions but this is what i will say about it so far. Camera is suitable for landscape and horizon imaging.

Now i am using the Pentax Optio A30, a 10 megapixel camera, which is also 2nd hand from my dad. He has upgraded to the 12 megapixel Pentax Optio A40. The A30 is quite good. It has a shake reduction, SR mode and button (button works on all modes). The button prevents the images to be blur. I do not really know how it works but as you press the SR button, it will have a slight vibrate in the camera and yes, picture quality is better too as shake is reduced. It is also a 3x zoom lens, 7.9mm- 23.7mm. it has a 2.5 inch lcd screen but no live viewfinder. It has much more modes, such as auto, manual(shutter and apeture can be adjusted manually), program(settings set by user, apature and exposure are auto), shutter priority(shutter can be adjusted, apeture is auto), night mode(for night mode, i dont use it tho), movie(unlimited time depending on memory, sound quality is good, trebble and bass can be obtained, 640x480), voice recording(for audio only and unlimited recording time depending on memory), landscape and flower modes(will adjust the focusing and depth of field), potrait(for potrait and face pictures), surf and snow(to adjust to take pictures with dazzling backgrounds), SR(shake reduction mode, ISO increases), sports(for fast shutter, images may be darker), pets, text(adjustable contrass to enable better reading of text), food and frame modes,explained in brackets. It also has macro and super macro mode, burst mode, self timer and remote capture through infra red. In playback mode, you can view all your picturs and audio and videos taken. it has a thumbnail mode and calendar mode to look for your pictures by date. Photos and movies and sounds can also be edited. There is the colour filter, rotate, crop, brightness filter, digital filter, movie editor and audio caption on images. the camera also can be connected to a television as a player. It uses an SD card memory. So far thats all I guess..

landscape photo, 3648x2736 iso 200

macro mode, 3648x2736, iso 200

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

anyone knows what is this?

i was looking through my external hard disc and found this.. it cannot be deleted and is taking up 88GB of my hard disc.. zzz..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

nice final fantasy pics for ur phone

thx to, these pics are nice images and artworks of the ffVII advent children.. well some are done by me.. lol..

missing piece

hey, back for awhile. thx to julian, jeremy, chunyeet and geoffrey and others like Yen Li and Bridget, they helped e realised on what i was doing. now i'm awake, and decide to stand on my own 2 feet. so at the moment, gota think properly before i do anything, meaning i chill. so yea, single... i know its d best and right way, its also hard. i have friends around, but there are desires and feelings, i miss being with someone. know there are friends too, but i guess thats not the desire? i feel this way, but i dont know how to describe it, so what i describe may be, crap? but its how i feel anyways.

so yea, gota get to my studies, this time, hoping its better as i feel more confident doing the trials. but its the results that tell. i guess if im more confident now, spm may be more confident. so i hope its that way. just hope that nothing else brings me down this time. i kinda lost a friend(not dead la), who was very close to me, now seems to be very far. i guess its my fault for that. but does hurt. sigh. these things, almost the same probs, in different ways, keep hitting me. bang!

well this is what i feel.

take care.. =/

picture of the day

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Customer review from about the Pentax K2000

image from

Customer Reviews from

E. J Tastad "ejt"

High quality (sturdy feeling)
Well designed
Superb Image quality
No pattern noise at high ISOs (looks more like film grain)
In body image stabilization

No image orientation sensor (if you hold portrait style have to manually rotate)
No red focus confirmation dot (still has green dot in viewfinder at bottom)

Who should buy the K2000? Anyone also considering entry level Nikon or Canon DSLRs. This is fully competitive, but offers in body image stabilization that works with any lens (old and new). Nice feature set at a great value.

The auto focus of this camera is improved, focusing more precisely in low light than previous Pentax models, and also works with the new SDM lenses. Auto white balance is also improved. It does much better under tungsten light than some previous Pentax cameras.

The shake reduction is highly effective, as much so as most in lens systems. About 3 f-stops for me. This is a handy feature because it works with ALL lenses. You don't have to keep buying the same feature for $100 to $500 every time you buy a lens for which you want stabilization. Not to mention, when a new body comes out you get an improved stabilizer. With an in lens system, you have to replace your lenses to get improved stabilizers.

Even though this is a no frills system, it is very capable for those advanced amateurs or pro's looking for a compact body to use with the Pentax Limited prime lenses (compact lenses offering outstanding image quality). The big two haven't invested many resources in prime lenses suitable for APS-C sensors (by far the best selling dSLRs), Pentax has bucked the industry trend with their superb DA Limited series lenses.

Image quality is outstanding. I used it at a studio shoot recently, and had no issue. My only complaints were the lack of user selectable focus points (besides all or center only) and lack of orientation sensor. For the most part these were easy to work around. The picture results were stunning, even up to ISO 800. By 1600 there starts to be a fair amount of noise, but there is no pattern to it (my K20d has awful horizontal pattern noise). These photos are highly suitable for B&W conversion, and they resemble high speed film better than many digital cameras.

In conclusion, you get a lot of bang for you buck with this camera. The bundled AF200FG flash is very good compared to any built in flash offering much better range, better fill, and being off camera helps reduce red eye and shadowing from lenses. The kit lens is excellent at apertures 5.6 and up at any focal length (it is a tad soft at the corners at wide angles at apertures larger (smaller number) than f/5.6. I mounted it to the K20d and it had no problems resolving for the higher resolution sensor. I recommend this without many reservations (see my cons), and for a starter or enthusiast it is a great little camera. With my review title, it is the first time I can feel comfortable to recommend a Pentax to a non-DSLR user (previously they have been better enthusiast, non-beginner models).

Update One: First set of batteries that came with the camera have more than 1000 shots on them, many of these with the flash. This has truly amazing battery life, especially considering how much the back LCD is illuminated (no top information display). This would last many users a year!

The only other little things I have noticed is there is no slot for a cable remote and the back LCD can be bright. This camera wouldn't be the best for star trails for example, but this will only impact a small percentage of users.

I still love it!

John Five

This is a great camera. Its pictures are stunning. The camera is well built and it feels solid in your hand. The kit lens is excellent and it uses all of my old 35mm Pentax lenses with the camera's stabilization feature.

The camera is very intuitive to use; I was able to use it right out of the box and have then progressed to use more and more powerful features by reading the manual. The features are all well thought out; this camera clearly implements many lessons learned from previous DSLR's because so many things are done so well. It is simply very well engineered.

I have had a series of point and shoot digital cameras over the last several years including a Fuji, a Sony and a couple of Canons. Before that I used a 35mm Pentax SLR and am therefore familiar with SLR operation. I also have a number of good lenses from the film SLR.

Part of my enthusiasm is this is my first DSLR and it offers so much more than the point-and-shoots and my old 35mm SLR. For example, I have been using its RAW feature and can save photos in both a Pentax and a standard Adobe RAW format, the latter I was able to use with Photoshop Elements 6 and have found all kinds of useful adjustments that were never available to me before.

I also like the fact that this camera uses regular AA batteries available anywhere.

The AF200 flash works well in my group photo shots and is a great value bundled with the camera. It has a nice diffuser cover for the flash to support wide angle shots. On the negative side, the AF200 is not extremely powerful-- I was used to a more powerful one with my old 35mm's external flash and the AF200 can not be swiveled to bounce the flash off the ceiling--another feature I miss. However, it is much more powerful than the pop-up on the camera and it too uses AA's.

Another feature I like about this camera is its low light performance. The pictures I took at night making use of high ISO and image stabilization were simply amazing.

The camera does not have live display on the LCD on the back; you have to look through the viewfinder. Despite my recent experience with the point-and-shoots which all have live view, I have not missed that feature-- looking through the viewfinder works well for me under all lighting conditions.

Overall, this has proven to be the perfect camera for me. I STRONGLY recommend it for folk coming from the point-and-shoot world and if you happen to have some old Pentax lenses (or buy some on e-bay) it makes an even more compelling purchase. Five stars!

more at reviews from

facebook is getting spammed

stalker list, friend check and fan check is messing up facebook.... look at d pics, all messed up..

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short counter strike clip

becoming a subang kid

1st to be a subang kid, u havto travel around subang on your own or with friends and not following parents.. lol.. so im half way there.. xD

so it started off like this.. we plan to walk to taipan for some sightseeing and adventure. so at about 5pm i woke up and i got ready. in 15 minutes julian and geoffrey reached my house and we went off to the bazaar because julian wanted some food and geo bought a bottle of sugar cane. so we went off to jeremy's house and after that julian went off.. So Jeremy, Geoffrey and I went off to the 4/8 bus stop to meet up with Evely, then we crossed the road to the usj 11 padang. We crossed the whole usj 11 and reached taipan. At first geo wanted to go to rodalink but i was looking for a metal wire to make a pendant. so we went looking for crafting shops instead. at the same time, we went to a party shop and Jeremy and Evelyn bought themselves balloons.. lol.. so anyway.. we went around to find food and the metal wire.. so in the end i didnt get the wire and we went to eat at a bakery, got some food and headed to McD to get nafisah. She was waiting for a friend and so we went to the roof top first.. it was awesome.. the sunset there was beautiful..

So at the top of d car park roof, we ate, laughed and took photos.. here are some.. its beautiful.. after all that i met an old skss friend and we went off for tuition.. =) (more images on facebook)

Friday, September 04, 2009

how LOL began (andrian's myth)

1 day, there was a man who formed a ball oh sugar.. the concentration of sugar was too high that it got harden, not realising there was a stick stuck in it.. so, he ate it... due to the high concentration of sugar, he got really really high.. he called it a lolipop.. when his brother saw him, he asked what happened to him.. he was so high that he couldnt speak.. he was laughing out loud and all he said was LOL.. and couldnt say LOLipop.. lol..