Saturday, September 05, 2009

becoming a subang kid

1st to be a subang kid, u havto travel around subang on your own or with friends and not following parents.. lol.. so im half way there.. xD

so it started off like this.. we plan to walk to taipan for some sightseeing and adventure. so at about 5pm i woke up and i got ready. in 15 minutes julian and geoffrey reached my house and we went off to the bazaar because julian wanted some food and geo bought a bottle of sugar cane. so we went off to jeremy's house and after that julian went off.. So Jeremy, Geoffrey and I went off to the 4/8 bus stop to meet up with Evely, then we crossed the road to the usj 11 padang. We crossed the whole usj 11 and reached taipan. At first geo wanted to go to rodalink but i was looking for a metal wire to make a pendant. so we went looking for crafting shops instead. at the same time, we went to a party shop and Jeremy and Evelyn bought themselves balloons.. lol.. so anyway.. we went around to find food and the metal wire.. so in the end i didnt get the wire and we went to eat at a bakery, got some food and headed to McD to get nafisah. She was waiting for a friend and so we went to the roof top first.. it was awesome.. the sunset there was beautiful..

So at the top of d car park roof, we ate, laughed and took photos.. here are some.. its beautiful.. after all that i met an old skss friend and we went off for tuition.. =) (more images on facebook)

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