Monday, September 21, 2009

District 9, wierd but awesome

Theres quite alot of values to learn from District 9.. this movie is more of a fiction documentary. about aliens coming to earth.. they didnt say how they came, but it was just there. then they did not respond. so humans decided to break into their ship and found them quite sick and all. the story, is for you to know yourself.

main character, Wikus Van De Merwe

im amazed with him. he was a person at effort to understand and help the aliens. But as he was in the middle of trying to find and confiscate illegal weapons, he found a fuel cell which was made and hidden by the aliens. while looking at it, it accidentaly sprayed onto him, which im guessing it had some genetic substance, which was turning him onto them. So anyway, this part, his effort.

Next, they wanted to use his DNA which gives the ability of him to use alien weapon, which humans cannot use.. The humans were greedy with the powerful weapons. But he didnt want them to use him for weaponary, and wanted to save himself, ran away. He did his best to contact his wife but suffered pressure as he was transforming slowly into the alien, rejected by humans as they said he was dangerous, and his wife not believing him at first, but thank goodness the wife found out the truth.

So he was living with the aliens at the moment to hide. The fuel cell was confisicated by the MNU? isit? anyway that fuel cell was important to run an underground hidden ship by the alien. So he made a deal with the alien that he will get them into the headquarters to get back the fuel cell, with a promise that he will be back into human. as they reached their hideout as they got back the fuel cell, if im not mistaken it may take 3 years for him to turn back into human. so he was furious, knocked him and tried to run the ship, maybe at a few feet not until it got hit by missile. So after all he did, he felt betrayed by the alien, but when the alien was gona be killed by the MNU, he came back, in a robotic suit, to save the alien, and to successfully get that alien and child back into the ship. What i see here is that eventhough he couldnt get what he wanted, he still stood strong and did not make the other party fail, after all they have gone through, he let them go even when he had to suffer transformation. Self-sacrifice, this is what i respect.

Soon he was totally transformed into the alien. His wife recieved something at the door, which she believes that it came from him, shows the love between man and woman, no matter what happends, they still love each other. Sad story by the way.

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