Sunday, September 13, 2009

missing piece

hey, back for awhile. thx to julian, jeremy, chunyeet and geoffrey and others like Yen Li and Bridget, they helped e realised on what i was doing. now i'm awake, and decide to stand on my own 2 feet. so at the moment, gota think properly before i do anything, meaning i chill. so yea, single... i know its d best and right way, its also hard. i have friends around, but there are desires and feelings, i miss being with someone. know there are friends too, but i guess thats not the desire? i feel this way, but i dont know how to describe it, so what i describe may be, crap? but its how i feel anyways.

so yea, gota get to my studies, this time, hoping its better as i feel more confident doing the trials. but its the results that tell. i guess if im more confident now, spm may be more confident. so i hope its that way. just hope that nothing else brings me down this time. i kinda lost a friend(not dead la), who was very close to me, now seems to be very far. i guess its my fault for that. but does hurt. sigh. these things, almost the same probs, in different ways, keep hitting me. bang!

well this is what i feel.

take care.. =/

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