Friday, September 18, 2009

PENTAX camera reviews by Andrian Tam

i was just too bored so i made this post. I started to be a self thought photographer at the beginning of form 4, 15 years old. The first camera I had came from my brother, Timothy Tam. Our family has got this Pentax Optio 330RS as our first digital camera. It was a 3.2 megapixel camera with a 1.6 inch lcd screen. it has modes like auto, night, manual, video, 3D and colour effects. It has a 3x zoom lens, 7.6mm - 22.8mm. it uses a compact flash card and a lithium battery. I cant say much about the battery because i am not using an origilan pentax lithium cell. I have no idea what happened to it. From my experience, it was a good camera, even if it was quite heavy but it was quite new in the digital imaging industry.

I was a school photographer so most of the time i used the auto-mode because it was not easy to use the manual mode when you want to get shots quickly. but at other times while taking landscape photos i will use the manual mode. it has an apeture of 2.6f to 5.0f when zoomed out and an apeture of, well i cant say abt it when its zoomed in because the camera is now faulty due to old age. it has a lens motor porblem. So anyway it has a shutter speed of 1/2000 to 4 seconds. so it is possible to take pics like this (note that pictues poster are taken by me and scaled to 800x600))

at original size, image was quite sharp, details was 2048x1536, iso 250.

its quite sharp too for a 3.2 megapixel camera, 2048x1536. It also has a mode for shooting intervals. lets say you leave your camera on a tripod and set it to 30 seconds, it will take photo at every 30 seconds. At its video mode, it can only take videos, 320x240 for only 30 seconds with no sound. Its 3D mode is when you take the pic of the object 2 times and it wall lay side by side into a picture. as you print it out, Pentax gives you the 3D viewer so when you look at it, a 3D image wil appear. it also has colour filter modes and sepia modes and bnw. what i like about this camera compared to the current one I use is that it has an optical viewfinder. So it is good in bright sunny places. And the viewfinder was able to zoom too. This camra has alot of functions but this is what i will say about it so far. Camera is suitable for landscape and horizon imaging.

Now i am using the Pentax Optio A30, a 10 megapixel camera, which is also 2nd hand from my dad. He has upgraded to the 12 megapixel Pentax Optio A40. The A30 is quite good. It has a shake reduction, SR mode and button (button works on all modes). The button prevents the images to be blur. I do not really know how it works but as you press the SR button, it will have a slight vibrate in the camera and yes, picture quality is better too as shake is reduced. It is also a 3x zoom lens, 7.9mm- 23.7mm. it has a 2.5 inch lcd screen but no live viewfinder. It has much more modes, such as auto, manual(shutter and apeture can be adjusted manually), program(settings set by user, apature and exposure are auto), shutter priority(shutter can be adjusted, apeture is auto), night mode(for night mode, i dont use it tho), movie(unlimited time depending on memory, sound quality is good, trebble and bass can be obtained, 640x480), voice recording(for audio only and unlimited recording time depending on memory), landscape and flower modes(will adjust the focusing and depth of field), potrait(for potrait and face pictures), surf and snow(to adjust to take pictures with dazzling backgrounds), SR(shake reduction mode, ISO increases), sports(for fast shutter, images may be darker), pets, text(adjustable contrass to enable better reading of text), food and frame modes,explained in brackets. It also has macro and super macro mode, burst mode, self timer and remote capture through infra red. In playback mode, you can view all your picturs and audio and videos taken. it has a thumbnail mode and calendar mode to look for your pictures by date. Photos and movies and sounds can also be edited. There is the colour filter, rotate, crop, brightness filter, digital filter, movie editor and audio caption on images. the camera also can be connected to a television as a player. It uses an SD card memory. So far thats all I guess..

landscape photo, 3648x2736 iso 200

macro mode, 3648x2736, iso 200

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