Friday, October 23, 2009

A friday night

Im upstairs on my computer, eyes going @.@. im so tired that even watching a movie, im not in the mood. well i just finished watching Overhaulin's Special Edition where Chip Foose himself got Overhaulled. He's a nice guy. Really nice. You can see how everyone welcomes him in car show events and how determined his friends wanted to rebuild his own car which was his dads, a 1956 Ford Pickup. It was awesome.

Well anyway, kinda tried to throw the pain away. But finally, im happy to make her happy, and to always give her what she wants. It feels good to see her happy, instead of being sad or upset just for the things i want. I know she may see this post. Maybe not. But some things are not meant to be said, but to be found out. But yea, i guess everything is just fine. =)

take care.. =)

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