Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gerak Gempur

Shit.. sigh.. today we were studying in the library. ok la. can study. so i was doing bio. so we were there for almost the whole day not till about 11.30, Pn Fauziah came in and asked us to go out and do gerak gempur. She said that the marks had to be submitted to the Jabatan or wat la.. but too bad, we skipped a few papers already. The papers they took can be taken from the internet with the answers together. So me, Robs n Keenan planned to study on our own. But cant. So after the scolding, we went to 5M to study. Thanks to our teacher who was nice to let us study in her class.

So tomorrow is Add Maths and Pn Ananthi wants us to sit for it or else....... so crap, havto prac add maths.. But im feeling so tired nw. I get sleep like 5 hours only everyday. Im surviving on coffoo and nescafe. haha.. Coffoo is my own made Nescafe with milo.. xD

How to make Coffoo:

1 teaspoon of Nescafe
4 teaspoons of Milo
Hot water, fill to 3/4, stir
add milk till full, stir
Coffoo is ready.. =)

Now im kinda making it every morning for myself and a special friend of mine. She cant take coffee much but im glad that Coffoo worked fine for her, and helped her in her add maths test. lol. =) yay!

Well so far things are going fine. I think she is getting closer... i think..


so anyways

take care =)

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