Monday, October 19, 2009

Rough draft

hey, im resting from studying and waiting for lunch. so im blogging awhile. SPM is coming but theres alot on my mind. but so far, im quite happy that i can focus more on studies better than last time, even with these distractions on my mind. So well, things are bumpy for the form 5's. mine also. its quite hard to bear pain at heart. i feel like i wana pull it out, but no. i rather have feelings than being a person who doesnt. Well i wont write much here cos 'she' will see it and i dun want her to. lol. but last friday was really hard. i even cried but its ok lah. the weekends were..... nvm. but now im trying to put it all in a positive mind. hoping it will help. so far its helping. i hope it really does. i am hoping for alot. but hope (another hope) God helps me. actually i have no idea what im writin in this post. maybe to release stress? lol. i'll upload pics la. its some that i took during my dads office family day at a water park.

take care.. =/

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