Saturday, October 10, 2009

a saturday

hmm.. kinda happy cos i was successfully made the wire.. a pendant la.. but, i decided to give her abit of space.. well, i tried to get close to her, bt i guess friends is the limit.. but i'll just wait.. i'll give her space abit.. i sms her everyday, we have nice chats.. but i sms her, not she sms me, so mayb im bothering her always and she doesnt wana say it.. so i told myself to let her do what she wants.. i will wait for her to msg only when she wants to.. so i wont be disturbing her..

i cant really see her much, shes in form 4, im in form 5.. we have diff recess times.. and after school, her mom would come soon so we wudnt have time to talk.. i regret, alot. i wished i can go back to the start of form 4, and studied properly, and think properly.. sigh.. but its alright, at least i learned now, not later. hmm.. spm.. a month time.. hope i can do it.. its much harder now.. A+. A and A-.. hmm..

and sumthin to learn for off road street cycling on mountain bikes.. harden the suspension to increase height which hellps on going offroad and as u go down pavements or staircase, ur bike wont bounce much and u are in control. then increase seat height, the position is easier to cycle, more stamina and higher performance.. but if u fall, its abit hard os i suggest if u fall, stretch ur legs outwards sideways quickly as u cant reach the ground soon and at least not injure importsnt parts of ur body like the head.

take care.. =/

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