Sunday, October 04, 2009

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hey, times running out and spm is near.. thx to Yen Li, shes kinda pushing me to study. well for now, i realised its quite pointless to have a relationship now.. why? well its because if you wana be with someone, you better make sure u know that person well or it ends up like %&^(&*(&^ whatever.. if you want someone special in your life, make sure u know them from head to toe (literally).. but for now, why dont people take this time to figure out and know people well.. at my age,17, i may know alot of people, but there are more people that im going to meet in the future. they mayb better (no offence, this is point of relationships) people than the people u know today. from my experience, when i fell for someone, i thought she was everything, i thought she was the one. but no. as i met more people, or even got closer to people i never thought i will get close to them, i realised, there are more people out there. why do u want to waste ur time being emo when bad things happen in the relationship. from my experience, its more of desperation. the heart and emotions control a person, but we cant always follow our emotions. we have to thing throughly and properly before making a decision.

maybe we love someone(a freind), fell for someone or like someone. well for me, if i love someone, i would want that person to be happy. Loving a person doesnt mean you have to be with them. you just want them to be happy. I dont think you would want to force the person you love to be with you if they do not want. it loses the point of being together. so now is the time where we shall explore the world more, and make the final decision later. well if ur in a relationship now, just continue, who knows they are the best person in ur life compared to the millions of ppl.

but this post is mainly for the people out there who seeks love (friends not family) at a young age or who are emo when they fail to get a relationship or who have just broken up. like my friend Julian Yap said, why beat yourself up (have negative thinking about the relationship and make urself sad, most likely self pity). Life is there, its a roller-coaster. up and down, grasp it in every moment. why would you wana waste it? this time should be taken to build the foundation of your life, get a stable job and all.. experience all you can. and to think and decide properly.

so well mainly this is what was happening throughout the week, trying to study and have this on my mind. i like someone at the moment, but i wouldnt really want to make a move yet. and studies, how to study, just focus, tell yourself u like this subject and make an interest in yourself, for example you wana know how did this and that happen. read the book, find out. or maybe imagine what you study, or relate it to anything you like which can help you remember better..

*oh ya.. actually it also depends la.. if both are mature or prepared for a relationship, its ok =) (quoted by Yen Li)

take care.. =D

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