Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The night before moral

lol.. on my watch its 2.12 a.m. i woke up at 12.30 to continue studying my nilai.. well no one is online so i thought of blogging.. haha.. i went down to do a cup of coffoo or neslo.. coffee mix milo, u get the idea.. haha.. well anyway coffoo, yeap, reminds me of those days when i wake up at 4.30 to study and get 'her' up for her to study for her finals.. i was a personal alarm clock with adjustable snooze time.. haha.. and usually i would bottle up a bottle of coffoo for her to drink at school.. she said she likes it, and she actually gets headache from coffee.. but my 'special' coffoo gave an effect like coffee but no headache to her.. lol.. (i felt like i was responsible for her and somehow i like that feeling)

well anyway.. moral, and was checking my National Service listings.. i think im in the 2nd or 3rd batch.. Keenan is in the first.. lol.. but moral exam tomorrow, i gota get back to it.. ~kasih sayang, kepekaan dan perasaan cinta yang mendalam dan berkekalan yang lahir daripada hati yang ikhlas.. lol.. im at bidang 6/7 now.. lol..

take care.. =) (i wonder if she still checks on my blog.. hmm..)

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