Monday, November 02, 2009

Taking Chance

Please Honour and Respect those Soldiers who have fallen in War either on or off duty, no matter fallen or what, Soldiers, of any level. please honour them for their service for the country. I just watched this movie called Taking Chance (True Story on a Marine named Phelps Chance RIP 1984-2004 - you can look it up on google). Its a story on how American Citizens honour their soldiers, even if they do not know them. And we should do this for any soldier in any country, no matter what race or religion. Its really touching and i cried watching the movie.

  1. Soldiers Honouring soldiers even if they havent met each other (in the story, one is already dead)
  2. Gardeners honouring fallen soldiers (in the movie, a gardener working at a military base honours by removing his cap and placing it over his chest.
  3. People working at airports honouring the body
  4. Pilots (ex-pilot for an A-10 at dessert storm) who is a commercial pilot highlights to the passengers on the onboard marine.
  5. citizens stop by to honour
  6. during transportation, cars that overtake turn on lights and remove cap to honour, and follow as a convoy to show honour, and drive slowly with them.
  7. Scouts hold flags along the funeral to honour.
  8. alot more...
please watch the movie, that is how were suppose to live our life.

will blog more after spm..

take care.. ='(

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