Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i wanna go home..

hey there.. i jsut came back today from bangkok.. was there for about 3days and 3 nights.. well it all started off by flying there on my birthday afternoon.. we used the Malaysian Airlines Enrich points, some points you get when you fly with malaysian airlines, so yeah, we had points so we could go to Bangkok for free, but gota pay for sumthin else, i forgot.. but its not only bangkok that i can go.. if got more points, then can go sumwhere further.. so anyway, we were at KLIA.. i was still kinda sick but was slowly recovering.. Usually at KLIA, international flights are at the other terminal, which we had to go onto a train.. well, as we reached there, we looked for the gate and realized that the gate was at the main terminal.. so we had to go back there.. but it was still early so we went to starbucks.. my bro was on his laptop, my dad n mom drinking coffee and i was watching a movie on my mp4. so at around 5.30, we went off to the gate.. we went on the plane.. and oh ya.. during all this time, i was sms-ing someone special.. haha.. but yeah.. we were sms-ing half way and her battery went out and thank God she got home and was able to charge her phone before i flew off.. haha..

In the plane, well nothing much but taking pictures, watching movie on the mp4, eating and coughing (still sick).. but as we were going to land, the pressure change so rapidly i had no idea why, but the pressure in my ears were so high i felt like my ears were about to bleed.. even after we landed, it was still painful.. lol.. luckily it recovered after awhile..

as we walked into the airport, it was kinda new.. they renovated the airport.. not bad.. but the carts didnt change, it was kinda squeaky.. lol.. so we got our luggages and walked to the exit.. there, we took the hotel limo, it was a nissan cefiro, but in thailand, they called it sumthin else.. the cars there are not bad.. their toyota fortuners are 3.0 with intercooler, all the taxis are toyota altis and they use toyota camry hybris'd.. not bad.. but i heard that the toyota assembly is in thailand so thats why its cheaper to get a toyota there.. so we went to a hotel, Chaophraya Hotel. It was located at the outskirt of the city but it was nice.. i thought that i will be staying in some cheap hotel.. but the hotel was nice.. it was cheaper compared to the same type of hotel in the city.. so we sere out of the city, we had to take the train to the city.. so we went to our room and we placed our luggage there, then we went out for some dinner.. we had to take the train.. one thing in thailand, everything is in thai language.. even the signboards.. so it was quite hard to get around.. and the people there dont speak english much.. and one thing i noticed, there are people there that look like malays, chinese or just look like any race, but they call themselves thai and speak the thai language only.. compared to malaysia, we got the chinese, malay, indians and etc.. we have different languages.. so yea, thats the difference..

they use segway's.. lol..

this was the hotel limo.. not bad.. nissan cefiro..

this was how the train looked like inside..

so it was late and shops there close around 9pm.. so we had no idea where to eat but McD's.. lol.. well, they serve pork there.. haha.. well after we ate, we went straight back to the hotel because the train service ends at around 11pm.. so we got back, showered, watched some tv and slept..

Day 2

We woke up at around 9am.. was very sleepy still cos i slept late.. well anyway, we got ready and left..

the Chaophraya hotel beside the river..

they had metal detectors at every train station..

we took the train to the weekend market and had breakfast there.. that market is a very big market.. anyone can get lost there.. lets say you saw something at a shop, and went on, and then u want that 'thing', its quite impossible to find back the shop.. lol.. so we spent some time there until about 4pm.. we bought some things and then we took the train to some IT mall..

in the market..

the tuk-tuk..

At the market, they made coconut juice and ice cream, but this is how they make the coconut water..

grab a coconut..

hammer and crack its shell..

pour and filter the water into a pot..

ta-daa... =)

when we went in, i had to drink water cos my throat itched like mad.. so there was a water dispenser machine.. they have washed cups on the left, drink the water and put it on top of the dispenser.. but it was disgusting when i took a cup and a strand of hair was in it.. yuck.. i took another cup but i had to drink cos i was sick.. so yeah.. then i went to the toilet.. in the toilet, i saw a condom dispenser.. lol.. its like 10 baht for 2.. 10baht is about RM1.. so yeah.. lol.. anyways we went around the IT mall.. nothing much there compared to Low Yatt in Malaysia.. they had music stores with real old nice guitars but it costs a bomb.. so sad.. but anyway, we went for dinner at the food court there.. they use some card or coupon system where you have to go to a counter and get a prepaid card to buy food.. and the spoon and forks there are placed at a corner, as usuall.. but beside it, theres boiling water to dip and wash your spoon and fork before use.. lol..

each station has a security guard which look more fit than malaysian guards.. (no offence)

Thailand is going Green! =)

then we took the train to the night market.. well, market.. as usuall we look around.. my bro bought a haversack there for travelling.. i did too in the next day.. well, nothing much that night.. after shopping we ate again.. and then, we went back to the hotel about 8pm.. we dont usually go back early but we wanted to rest, so yea, i was wit my bro in d room.. my parents were downstairs drinking coffee.. so i showered and watched tv.. played abit of my bro's laptop then slept..

The night market/bazaar..

Day 3

hmm.. i wonder how this day started.. it was the same like yesterday.. but i forgot where we had breakfast.. i think we took the train around the city and took photos.. we also took a boat ride and took photos.. we went to some malls and walked around.. oh, yeah.. i had breakfast at a chinese restaurant, had hi-tea at the J W Marriot.. it was really awesome food.. and had dinner at Tony Romas.. we went all the way to thai and had western food.. lolz.. we also went to the night market to buy my bag and some souvenirs. my dad, mom and bro had a foot massage.. i didnt, cos i dont like the oil and all.. so yeah.. .lol.. thats about it i guess.. went back to the hotel and slept..

Thailands' Victory Monument..

A full high abandoned building.. There are alot of high abandoned buildings there..

A christmas tree made by toys.. or reused items..

Day 4

parents went for some massage.. i was in the room playing wit my bro's laptop.. then we went back already.. and sms-ed her as i arrived.. =)

in-flight meal..

Photos of the river, i think its the Menam Chaophraya river..

take care.. =)

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