Wednesday, December 16, 2009

im back

hey, its been a long time since i blogged.. haha.. well so far things are ok.. i just finishes my geography exam yesterday.. well at the same time, sick.. well, genuinely sick.. or maybe the other sick.. haha. xD well anyways its a hot day and im having fever also.. so its like very very hot.. my bro is back from the US for about 3 weeks.. so while he's here, im playing his laptop with need for speed carbon and call of duty 2.. lol.. but now im happy, all my sadness about something has flewn away as someone told me something that took my heart away.. im so touched.. well that person told me not to place her name so yea. xD but ya.. so far things are smooth and im glad they are.. we can understand each other well and can talk very openly.. we were on the phone for like 3 hours, even when i had runnin nose and sore throat, but it was great.. =)

well anyways azwan said i got some texts to finish, which i have no idea what to write.. he told me to go to school tomorrow but im sick so we'll see how it goes.. im holding all the data so i hope my hard disc doesnt crash.. xD

about brats, well ya.. i missed the year end trip because of my geography exam.. damn.. well theres stillnext time.. hope 'she' goes for brats and i can be the facilitator.. haha.. but i somehow feel lazy o do photography now these days.. why? well its cos im having a crap slow pc at home so i have no mood to sort my pics in that pc.. and my camera, its ok la but i still would wish to have a DSLR which is much better than normal digital cameras.. my bro said he will get me a DSLR if i get straight A for spm.. so hope i do get.. i know maybe i did not put all my effort for spm but i really do hope i can get straigh A's..

oh and my bike got new brakes.. i havent installed them yet cos im sick.. but we'll see how it goes.. its single digit 7 brakes, using semi-ceramic brake pads so it lasts longer.. but if im not mistaken it might rosak my rims.. well see lah.. haha..

anyway im not so well so,

take care =)

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