Thursday, December 24, 2009

It was Yesterday <3

Awesome day.. i woke up at 9am to get ready and have breakfast.. Usually i wouldnt get up that early during the holidays.. but it was a special day.. I was going to go her house, with a reason to teache her a guitar.. but u know, it was like an hour of guitar then the next 8 hours, i just spent it by talking with her.. haha.. so yeah.. about 10am, her mom picked me up.. i gave her all my old papers, kinda like her homework now.. xD haha.. but yeah.. haha.. so we were in the car and talking about tuition with her mom.. her mom seems to be nice too.. lol.. so we reached her house and her bro was at the front door.. when he saw me, he was abit shy at first.. but soon, he got to clinged on i think.. xD he kept on asking me to play with him.. lol..

so back to the guitar, i thought her how to read the tabs, tune her guitar with the piano, and thought the Am, G, E and Em chord.. i wonder if she still remembers it.. xD well anyway she played abit of the piano too.. it was nice.. even if it had some stops but it was soothing to hear her play.. haha..

So yea, we talked alot and she had some contractors to the house to fix a window screen for the shower.. haha.. so we were in her room watching them, she showed me the necklace i made for her.. and she also gave me a birthday present made by her.. haha.. its nice.. and its still tied to my guitar bag.. =) and i also gave her an xmas present too.. xD and i also ate spaghetti there.. it wasnt bad.. the taste was quite good and tasty, despite the chunks of beef.. lol.. xD haha.. but in the end it was nice..

In the evening, we went out to the park.. her bro also followed on his bike.. we played on the swings and see saw.. i was also like a kid goin on the 6year old brothers bike.. xD we made one round and came back.. then we took the dog for a walk.. but half way it started raining.. xD so got abit wet but got home in time.. haha.. at that time her mom was dying her hair.. she din know it rained..

well the time passed so fast that i wished i could stay longer.. but i had to go home.. her mom sent me home abt 6.30.. i was happy that day.. hope she was too.. =)

so when i reached home, my mom asked me to pass some books to a friends house abt 300 metres away.. while walking, voon hoe almost hit me and horned at me, saying hi.. lol.. i think eugene was also in the car.. lol.. so i passed the books ant walked home, halfway it rained heavily and i got cought in the rain.. xD i got home soaking wet.. lol..

so anyway after i went out for dinner and went to watch 2012. haha.. awesome! not bad la the movie.. lol..

take care.. =D


Anonymous said...

This answer, is matchless

utmastertam said...

what do u mean?