Saturday, January 09, 2010

Awesome day with an awesome person.. =)

Haha.. well a few weeks ago me and her (cant say the name lah, only some ppl know so ya) planned to go out since i missed her bbq and her birthday was on the 5th.. so we planned to go out to sunway on the 9th, which is today, to celebrate. Well on thursday, the 7th, i and her tried our luck to ask our parents if we can stay till night, so yay! they let. So ok la, it started this way.

My mom wanted to send me there and not take the bus, so instead of 11am, i last minute only had to go at 12pm. sorry.. but well, she was there with Jia Ying and Terence already. So they waited at the bowling alley for me. Soon, i met up with them there, and Jia Ying and Terence was first, adorable and cute, 2nd they both looked sweet together. =3 oh well, so since they were a couple, ah let them go by themselves n enjoy lo, so me and her went out of the bowling alley and i was like, do u wanna play bowling? she was like, im not sure, then ok after that.. so we went back in, went to the counter and bought a game for both of us.

We had alley no. 11. so we played, she took the size 9 ball and i took 10.. so we played. Not bad, somehow after quite awhile of not playing i kinda got the techniques rite already. Well for her, haha, she just had fun, and it was fun for me too.. haha.. so i was like, wana play another game? so ya, we played another game. haha. now instead i took the size 11 ball.. and oh, a few funny things happened during the game, like the score din go in cos she din throw hard enough and some pins flew off duno where.. lol.. some pins got stuck in the drain, where she was lucky to get a pin down cos of that. lol.. well then, our game finished and we went to wash our hands. it was like 1 something and the movie was at 2.10pm. oh and she gave me my christmas prezzie.. =) it was a christmas tree ornament.. gona hang it next christmas. there was a snowman angel and a snowman.. haha..

yup, avatar. i watched it for the 2nd time in the cinema. its really an awesome movie. worth watching twice. lol.. so then, we just walked around sunway, time passed so fast it was already 2pm. so we went up to the cinema. she already got the tickets. smart to get it early.. =) so when we were there, i was like, do u wana go toilet? she was like no need la. then i said the movie is quite long, then she said, oh, i better go.. lol.. so ya, we went. I went out first and was looking at a avatar poster. She scared me from the back. lol! haha. so then we went to get popcorn. so we saw the combo that comes with large popcorn and 2 coke, so we took that. We were going to be next in the line but a child dropped the popcorn in front of us. The father was quite angry, but the waiter at the counter told the man that he will refill it. that was nice of the guy, well that was in the Tanjung Golden Village Cinema. haha.. so then we got our combo..

Soon we went in and sat in the theater. we had middle seats so it was a good place to sit, N10 and 11 i think. well, thx to her for getting the tickets early.. =) so yeah, we watched d movie. we were eating popcorn and drinking coke too, so soon i had to go toilet.. damn.. lol.. so like 1/4 of the movie i had to squeeze out couse i couldnt hold for long.. lol.. so yea, i went and came back.. sorry for those who were watching.. haha.. so continue, then like 3/4 of the movie i had to go toilet again. but this time i hold on till the end.. lol.. so yea, after the movie, we went toilet.. she said the movie was nice.. =) haha..

so after that we were planning to go ice skating.. well there were alot of people, so we hanged around instead. so i asked her, wana go arcade? then she was like, ok lah.. haha.. so we got 5 tokens each. so first we played some game where we had to push the handle as we control a player to avoid obstacles. lol.. funny game, but not bad.. haha.. wanted her to win but duno y i was too focused.. lol.. then we played some racing game 2 times, then time crisis 1 time, oh and the gun got prob. when u press the trigger, it gets stuck.. lol.. so, die lo.. haha.. in the game la. haha. and we also played the drum game. i thought it was 2 tokens for 2 players, but it was 2 tokens for 1 player.. lol.. so well i played first, then won, got the next round, got perfect score and A+(i hope i can get that for all my subjects in my spm) for that round so we had another round, so let her play la.. haha..

well we also dropped by hang ten because she wanted to buy a shirt. Their shirts not bad la. she said the footprint was cute, but i still like paw prints better.. haha.. so yea, we kinda got the same shirt, mine navy blue, hers yellow.. lol.. and she was blur about the payment.. xD

so then we went off for ice skating.. there were alot of people but its going to be like that for the whole day so we just went. So yea, it was quite cool and thrilling. lol.. Just a few days ago i went ice skating.. this time i was like, eh, y cant skate already wan? lol.. so i had to make a few rounds to get a hang of it. and err, a few falls too.. xD and after awhile, the ground gets wet as the ice melts, so ya, she fell and err, she wore white shorts summore.. haha.. but couldnt see anything, thank God. lol.. and ya, i fell 2 times into water, my shirt got wet and so as my pants. lol. but ya, overall it was good because i was able to control abit more and go faster. so after about an hour of skating, we went out already. and not to mention, we rest for awhile in between because my skates got loose. lol.. so yeah, i had to go and change my shirt. luckily i had my hang ten shirt.. haha..

oh and Jia Ying and Terence had to go back so we decided that just the both of us go for dinner to kinda celebrate.. =D

oh, so then it was abt 8pm. we went around Jusco because i wanted to buy the shorts i wanted and she also wanted to buy shorts. but it was like so expensive, and she also couldnt find something nice and cheap, so we just had a walk outside pyramid at the restaurants there. then we decided to eat at Gasoline. so yeah, we went there for dinner. we took the set meals, i had black pepper chicken and she took baked rice with seafood.. the set came with a drink and soup. so yeah, we ate and chat. haha. she said that the place was quite dark.. lol..

so after dinner, we went to check out some shops. they were about to close, so we waited for her dad to fetch her. and i lent to her the reference books to study, and she lent to me stardust. well i also have to start reading, so my parents say.. haha.. so her dad fetch her.. i was able to meet her dad and introduce myself.. =) her dad is nice too.. Quite pleasant and nice of him to offer me a ride back, but my parents were coming from Midvalley Megamall so it was on the way. But now its good that i've introduce myself to him, at least he knows me now. haha. well soon after i waited for my parents and i went back.. haha.. parents also went out for a date now. haha.. =)

take care,, =DDDDD

* today she looked very pretty.. she kinda complained of wat she wore, but the white shorts and grey tee was just nice and no glasses, she was wearing contacts. her eyes were small but it still sparkled. haha. and as always, her sweet smile. =) today was an awesome day. I thank God and my parents for everything.. this day meant alot to me.. =) *


Anonymous said...

awww... thats sweet of u to say tat:) i enjoyed myself with you too:)

utmastertam said...

=) haha.. good u enjoyed it.. =) i also did.. haha.. =D
hope can go out again till night and have dinner again.. haha.. =)