Sunday, January 10, 2010


Im just blogging to say, well im just amazed and just amazed.. she blogged a post related to my awesome day with an awesome person post with an amazing 3rd person view story. I was like, im defeated. damn, it was awesome. The way she delivered her story, i could just feel the story, i know maybe because i was involved in the story but this was from her point of view and i could kinda feel her part of the story.

Damn.. now i regret not reading books....

well now im reading, the book is Stardust which i borrowed from her.. and i'm slowly reading because there are many words that i do not know.. sigh..

well anyway, shes amazing.. im sure she can be a book writer someday..

*takes a breathe*

well if i post her blog link here then u will know who is 'she'.. so yea, take a guess..

take care.. =0

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