Thursday, January 28, 2010

One hell of a Fourian

Fourian is the students of SMK USJ 4, Fourian.. lol..

So yeah, i already finished schooling but i still go to school.. haha.. Well its because the magazine isint finished yet. but somehow till this day, theres alot of progress.. instead of waking up at 12pm, now i get up at 6.50am.. lol. but its kinda good experience where you gota deal with things seriously like getting permission for the magazine from JPS and making sure theres no mistakes, adding, shuffling pages and all.. Quite stressful actually as both editors are not really around to help, but it kinda feels more easier as we dont really debate much on decisions.. so the decision making is kinda made between me, the teacher and the new board. so far the mag i can say is different from others.. haha.. magazine may come late february.. so hope you guys wait.. xD

Well anyway i still like going school as i can meet someone. Last wednesday, 27th of January 2010 was awesome.. I spent alot of time with her and we shared alot. we kinda got much more closer.. =) well saturday is comming up and i hope al goes well.. =)

take care.. =)

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